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I’m interested in buying Minokawa pilot. If this character is able to fly a Phoenix with t2 siege and t2 torpedoes I would pay more.

Post offers here pls or send an eve-mail to Hultaji Gogiko.

bump f

give me minokawaaaaa pilot:D bump

bump! My propositions:
Minokawa only pilot: 22b
Minokawa + Phoenix pilot: 26b

If you have your own propositions - just let me know, we will talk

ping ping bump

weekend bump




bumping my offer. Minokawa pilot (depends on skills) 25-28b
Minokawa + hoenix pilot (depends on skills) 29-32b


bumpp stil want to buy


This char is minokawa 25 mil SP and got Phoenix but on other account 22 mil SP.
Both are for sale if I receive reasonable price.

Responded to you in evemail in game if that is not a problem. Let me know where you want to communicate

Please post link to site with skills of this Minokawa pilot. I don’t have isk to buy both pilots so Minokawa is priority. You can use this site:

Hey, here are the skills: - Queen Dejawu

sorry the page you provided doesn’t work

I got this info when I enter your link: “Not your character to view…”
The site I linked was used by my friend like 2 days ago, dunno why it stopped working. Well, somehow I need to see the skills to know what isk proposition should I make:D Please try something

Try now - Queen Dejawu

Now it works. I will comment in a few minutes, need to analyze this.

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