Already SOLD

WTS Hinraya -

Skill Points - 238 mil
Positive Sec Status (4.21)
Positive wallet
Located in Jita.
No killrights
1 remap available
Improved learning implants +5
HG Slave clone located in Jita

all frigates cruisers destroyers destroyers battlecruisers battleships lvl 5
all dreads pefect skills ( t2 siege and Gunnery and Missiles specs)
all carriers/supercarriers pefect skills
cal/gal JF perfect pilot

Covert Ops lvl 5
Heavy Assault Cruisers lvl 5
Interceptors lvl 5
Logistics Cruisers lvl 5
Recon Ships lvl 5
Transport Ships lvl 5
Black Ops lvl 5

Perfect Armor, Shield, Engineering, Navigation, Neural Enhancement, Targeting, and Drones skills

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfere fee

Starting bids at 200b
B/O 250b

180 bil


190 bil

191 bil

192 bil


193 bil

210 bil

215 B

Sold, send the isk and account name

isk was sent

isk and account name received, transfer initiated to account name that was sent

all done thank you

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