Alt Corp Neophytes Inc. (newbies inc) 3 letter ticker [NPH] founded 2006

I’m coming back to the game and wanted to see if there is any interest in my alt corp. Anything under 3bil isn’t worth it for me, so I’m not worried if nobody bites.

It’s been an alt corp pretty much the whole time. Neophyte means Newbie and I made it with the intention of basically being what CAS is now, but never really took off and got bored so I stuck my alts in it. It would be a good novelty for one of the larger Alliances/Coalitions to stick their training recruits in.

No standings that I know of.

Plus, it probably has the coolest ticker in the game!


For sale

Corp: Neophytes Inc.
Ticker: NPH
Founded: 2006.03.23
Standings: None

Starting bid: 3bil
Min increment: 500mil
Closing date: November 9th (2 weeks from today)

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Ended. Nobody cared. :frowning:


Oh well. If you’re from the future and interested feel free to message Caddo Saline. I can’t promise how quickly I reply, but I use that alt more than this one.

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