Are old alt corps worth anything?

I have an old corp Neophytes Inc. founded 2006.03.23 with a 3 letter ticker NPH.

Is this worth anything? Can you sell a corp?

YOu for sure can sell a corp, just like people who sell the corps with standings. Its whether or not anyone thinks its cool enough to purchase.

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That’s all I really needed to know, thanks. I’ll list it on the auctions under the current CEO and see if I get any bites.

Corps dont have standings, players do. Corps standings are derived from averaging the standings of it’s members.

This is correct, expect that if someone doesn’t have any standing towards a corp at all, they aren’t included. So if I have a 8.0 standing with Caldari Navy and I’m in a one man corp, my corp now has a 8.0 standing to CalNavy. If I then sell the corp to someone without any standing whatsoever towards CalNavy, then the standing will remain 8.0. CalNavy was just an example here and this is true for any standings towards NPC corps.

There is actually an entire industry centered around selling corps with high standings towards key corporations.

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