Alt + L Click on Capacitor to "Look at my ship"

I think we should have a hotkey to “look at my ship”, since we have Alt + L Click to other stuff in space makes sense for me that Alt + L Click on Capacitor do this to us.

We have “Look at my ship” on the right click on space and Right click on capacitor, but those windows that pops up sometimes have a little delay.

turns out Alt + L Click on space do “look at my ship”, maybe this should be in the hotkeys menu, locked as some other hotkeys

Alt + Click is “Look At My Ship”. Alt + L does not do that and it is not bound by default. And it even if it were the hotkey for that action, it should not be locked because L is for LOCATION.

Sounds like I need to practice hotkeys…

L Click = Left Click sorry for the confusion

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