Proposal, about some game experiences

Processing Upload,
This is a problem left over from ancient times,A magical button,
It always crosses the Stargate when you want to stop,
Or you don’t want to enter the space station. It’s always too late to change your mind,

The reason is that this button is too small!!!
Please make him bigger,

Shortcut keys always fail,
Shortcut keys always fail,
Shortcut keys always fail,

Ctrl + space. Faster than using a mouse.

You know, the shortcut keyboard is always so unreliable and out of orde :upside_down_face:r

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Agreed, the ship stop shortcut is one of the very few I use.

Before that. I want capacitor as a readout.

Shortcuts are way more reliable than UI. Especially module control and overheat control. In the end, free space is there. And it’s not like resizing of a button would suddenly allow capitals in hisce…

If you’re doing a continuous space probe scan and there are multiple windows,When the shortcut key fails, it will drive you crazy.
In addition, the capacitor can have a reading

Probably due to window focus. But I get your point.

How? There is no option to show exact percentage or number values on the side like for a tank. Which forces me to hover over capacitor each time I need to micro manage it.

As you may have noticed, CCP is working on UI changes, and I’ll pass this on.

In the meantime, control+space is your best friend.

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