Alt playes fine...Main wont load

Im having trouble accesing my non member eve university character in stacmon…alt hauler character loads and plays just fine but when i starter select euni charcter or switch from alt to main its just black screen with sound and i usually have to task manager end task it to close window …any direction or feedback would be awesome…verified files ran maintanance tools cleared cache still alt plaus smooth but main unaccesable

Strange that there’s a such difference between the characters.

How long has this been happening?

Just wondering, what station or structure are your characters docked in? Both in the same NPC station, or is one of them docked in a player owned structure?

One thing you could try is to turn all graphical settings all the way down, if you haven’t already, just to see if it makes a difference.

i have not used the main for a few months and i logged in to see whats happening and could not access her so i created an alt hauler like i said plays just fine. main character is in Stacmon with an eve university non member status probably due ti inactivity alt hauler in Clelinon in CAS(center for advanced studies)…ill try the settingsi also posted in euni discord and was told to verify files and clear cache both from image and launcher locations and if that does not work to post here…thanks Gerard

I don’t think this has to do with your characters. Are you logging into both from the same machine but as separate accounts? I’ve found that when I have 2 windows with separate characters open, if I close one, the other screen is frozen until I ctrl-alt-del and go back to the screen.

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