Alternative to ore distribution

I had heard that the various ores were removed from WH/NS to prevent endless building of titans and things like that. That’s understandable. But, rather than removing all of the ore, has it been considered that maybe it should have just been reduced quantities?

In WH, I used to be able to go out and mine quickly to build a few simple things like station containers for organization, and things like that. Or perhaps build a few small ships. Now I have to go to HS for everything.

Heck, why not make it so people can build X # of battleships out of a mine field? It would still reduce this abusive titan thing, but would create a little bit of self sustaining of NS/WH space. i.e. just balance certain ores to be predisposed in quantities to LS/HS, and others to WH/NS.

Another idea would be to let an athanor’s mine field pull regular ores in small quantities as well.

Anyhow, just a thought. I don’t feel like this is unreasonable either, for the little bit of convenience it adds on a small scale.


It’s not just about reducing the amount of titans built, it’s to make sure no one can get all their ingredients from one place.

The value of resources, and thus risk/reward, balances itself better this way.

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I the end it changes nothing, as ppl from nulllsec (specially big (blocks) will mass fleet in HS for resources, JF it to nulllsec with 0 risk. I would agree if there was no JF, that would create good content to supply other sec status with minerals. The way CCP did it just made the game hella more grinding , aka boring.

But that in itself is changing something.

It means nullsec groups have to decide where to put their labour hours because they can’t do both at the same time. Where as under the old system they could subsidise their trit purchasing with their own mining in nullsec, which is what this guy wants to do. And that’s bad because it means their is less meaningful choice and the system is less effective at balancing itself.

I see it as just making eve a pain in the ass to play. I get that they don’t want “all” resources to be available. But having some distribution in NS/WH, even if they are low amounts, achieves the same as any goals that they have. There’s no wonder everything in game is going up in price as well.

It’s generally considered rude and condescending to refer to people involved in a conversation in the 3rd person. It comes across as “pfffft, what a moron”.

No it absolutely does not.

Their goal was to exclude resources from certain areas, such that no matter how much you mine there, you have to either trade or move to get all your ingredients. I repeat, this is not about how many titans there are in the game.

When I’m talking to someone else you are the third person.

They could keep small amount of other minerals still available, so you could self sustain small stuff, but still need to import alliance wide

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If you want to self sustain small stuff then reprocess mods.

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Interesting, I was wrong, WH is somewhat self sustaining. The only mineral I can’t get in WH is morphite. I just have to wait for a good ore site, which contains spodumain, and then I have all the other minerals. But, worst case I run to HS for veldspar.

That kind of sticks it to that other guy doesn’t it?

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