Move high yield ores to low and null

(Wesfahrn) #1

How about if all plagioclase in nullsec became the rich variant?

And all plagioclase in lowsec became the second richest variant?

And all plagioclase in highsec became the normal variant?

Then do the same for all ores

(Wallyx) #2

This also means that Arkonor and others are going to be in Low and High?

I cant think of a reason for it right now. Could you explain it a little bit more?

(Daichi Yamato) #3

If ore in null needed to be more valuable then there would be simpler and more effective ways to do it.

Still in favour of making 5/10% ores a lot rarer and boosting mineral yield to 50/100%.

(Wallyx) #4

In that case, make rare variant ores rarer but the low the security the more probable to be, so in High-sec you may find 1 out of 20 but in Null-WH 1 out of 5. (Just examples. dont know the actual values)

(Daichi Yamato) #5

I’d be happy with that. Scouting for and Ninja mining these super ores would be a worthy pursuit.

(Wesfahrn) #6

ill admit this doesent really serve any purpose otther than aestetics. Only reason i thought about it was because i was mining and the mineral scanner has a ton of categeories because there is basically 3 variants of each ore. Its kinda annoying.

The only benefit from this change is that survey scanners are less cluttered and also for newbies venturing into low-sec (who didnt do that when they first started playing?) to mine will find a variety of ores they cant find in highsec. It still wont be worth the risk to mine in lowsec so its kinda meh. But for aesetics i still think it makes sense and i imagine its a trivial thing to do, wont consume much dev time.

(Daichi Yamato) #7

I can appreciate that. I’d love to have premade contracts for line members composed of particular ores in particular proportions based on what we’re making. But the 5/10% ores make it impossible and messy.

It’s only really possible with ice because it’s distributed like you propose.

(Agondray) #8

actually this would cause miners to go out to ninja if they want something more. I love setting up ore buybacks to support local miners in remote areas but having to set up something like 21 orders is a little much

(Wesfahrn) #9

Agondray thats a good point. I actually do the same and feel the same. So i guess you support the idea?

(Ajem Hinken) #10

No way. I already have to go 11-12 jumps out of Caldari space just to reach some ore types. I don’t want to have to go 20 to get more compact variants. It’s already a pain to move said ore 12 jumps back to home base, then 3 more to Jita.

It’s bad enough having to get on an hour or so after restart just to get a little bit of the good stuff. That said, I DO support making the denser ores more prevalent in lower security space.

(Wesfahrn) #11

To be honest i dont undertand the point of the higher yield ore variants. Its probably one of those ideas CCP get during the christmas party and then implements it the next day without really thinking about it.

Imho they should probably be removed because they are kinda annoying.

(Piugattuk) #12

I mine, meh, so what if they did, once they doo doo it the next thing will be remove everything but veld from high (already this has been posted), nerf, nerf, nerf, that’s all that comes out of people trying to find ways to kill high sec, take your 5/10, it won’t matter, people still won’t join others in the groping room, the problem is that people don’t understand that even tho making ISK is a driving force it is not why everyone plays, some of us do the game for fun and the ISK is secondary.

If you have to mine only the high yield variant to make ISK then there’s something wrong, take your 5/10 and sail on o7.

(Wallyx) #13

Really? You suggest that in Little things / Small QoL suggestions Thread? This thread is not for that, you should read the rules

(Wesfahrn) #14

There are currently 16 different ores with 4 variants of each one + a compressed counterpart of each one. This is a huge mess CCP!

I suggest you keep things simple and only have one variant of each ore + its compressed form. Keep it simple.

(Agondray) #15

yeah lets remove all the ore from empire while we are at it too!

(system) #16

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