Please Tweak Mining Dailies

I wanted to propose that the mining daily needs some tweaking to make it fair in all sectors of space.

Currently, the daily asks for units of ore, so I had a 25,000 units of ore for SP yesterday.

Of course I want SP, but I’m in a nullsec corp. Mining these 16m3 per unit ore in Nullsec versus 0.1m3 pre unit ore in Highsec means it is going to take me much, much longer to complete it.

If you make it so it’s volume based rather than unit based, it would be completely fair.

I also hear that these dailies might be temporary, but if they are not, I hope this suggestion is considered. I have a new one for evermarks today, and I’m just not even going to bother with it.

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You guys have only Arkonor, Bistot or Crockite in Null? I somehow doubt that.

It doesn’t really matter what he’s mining. It’s silly regardless that it’s decided by units rather than volume, meaning it can be completed in one cycle of mining Veldspar, but could take many cycles to get it by mining more profitable but larger ore.

It should just be made to be by volume rather than units. Though, I do hope they stay, I thought they were going to. They’re far better than the last SP dailies and provides a way to get EverMarks that isn’t hair-wrenching and extremely tedious for someone living in null to do.

i feel sympathy for gas miners. i think a venture can only hold 500 units.

Agreed, the amounts should be measured in volume and not units.

People mining ice actually have it worst, nor 0.0 ore or gas miners. 1 unit of ice is 1000 m3.

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If your purpose is to mine… rather than do the daily, it doesn’t really matter how many cycles it takes to finish the objective since you’ll be at it longer than it takes to finish the daily.

If your objective is to merely get the daily reward and move on, then you can quickly mine the veldspar and be done.

I don’t see a problem here.

It makes it tedious for other reason than to be tedious by making it by unit rather than by volume. This is especially egregious for ice miners that have no way to complete it even if they were mining all day, since ice is 1 unit per 1,000 m^3.

Just make it by volume, instead. There’s no argument as to why it shouldn’t be that way.

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