Always Impressed with the graphics of a 17 year old game

I find that nearly everywhere I go, I’m impressed with the graphics of this game. It’s 17 years old, and has better graphics than a lot of games I’ve tried, and very low standards for graphics cards.
People want to say ccp sucks, and other bullsnuff, but at the end of the day, this is a fantastic galaxy.

Prove me wrong.


Don’t think you’ll get people even trying to prove you wrong on the quality of the graphics engine and how New Eden looks.

The only thing really worth noting is that while the game is old by game standards, it’s been 19 years of continuous development, and parts of it, like the graphics engine, are a long way from where they were in 2003 at launch.

In a lot of things CCP do suck, but in continually developing the game, they are awesome.


Graphics? I haven’t had those turned on since 2004.


This screenshot you have posted makes me think there is something wrong with my graphics card. When I am that close to the sun, the entire screen is filled with a soupy sun glare. There is no way I would be able to see all those details on the ship.


I’m considering upgrading my graphics card tbh.
I like the graphics of this game, but I do have slight issues with shadowing. If you look at that station, as an example, there is overshadowing. I imagine a better card would fix that.

Edit; Cold Iron skin.


Just as a comparison. 2016 with my old vid card on performance settings. Still not bad!

One thing I will agree on, EVE does have some good graphics.

Anyone seen David lately??? :grinning:

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Great skybox.

I actually had a lot of fun running through my hulls/skins! The colors change, they shimmer as you turn. Eng trails on just for the effect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CCP should start another beauty contest to promote it.

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I have played EVE off and on for nearly 10 years. I lost my original character because I lost my email account through disuse and CCP would not restore her to me. But in all that time it was not until last year that I bought a machine capable of running EVE at full throttle, so I always had EVE set to run at lowest graphics settings to ensure the best performance in other areas. It was a completely different experience launching EVE for the first time on this machine! And while the space and ship graphics are impressive, it was the character detail that really blew me away.

I gotta say though, and I am sure I am in a minority, but the graphics are extremely low on my list of priorities. Like the new gate jump animation…actually makes me a bit annoyed. I could easily think of a dozen other things on the spot I would like added or changed. Probably 100 if I put my mind to it. What do I get? A cut scene that serves no actual gameplay purpose.

But yes, a good job on the graphics, I can say that. But they aren’t really 17 years old as Scipio rightly pointed out.


I’m not a huge fan of the jump gate animation.
When I multibox, it’s usually just a bright white flash.
Today, however, I decided to play just 1 character all day. The jump gate animation was pretty slick, but I came to eve with the smoke tunnel. I liked it.
Out of curiosity, what things would like to see added or changed?

I hadn’t realized they updated the entire graphics engine. I’ve constantly seen people talk about how this game primarily uses original coding.
Is that not the case?

Well, what do you expect? The graphics are from 17 years ago but from just a few years back. That’s to be expected from a continuously developed game.

I am always NOT impressed when I see Imicus.

If not for people complaining about how full of artifacting it was, you would still see that. Now they use different compression.

They should make a contest for Imicus redesign if they are unable to create something themselves.

This Vedmak is at the wrong sun. Come to Povchen and watch its beauty. :slight_smile:

Also the new jump tunnel animation is amazing, especially to/from Abyss and in between Povchen systems.


Game looks great! some graphics are still a little 2d like the ships shield hardener glow.

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