got back after a little break and all graphics look weird and annoying.
I cant readjust to the way it used to. Looks foggy, and too much dark, some weird shadowing.
tried to disable shadows but didn’t get much better

What the hell happened?

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More importantly: what’s with people typing in all caps? Are they 14? Do they still have an Xbox 360?

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sorry bud, if you link cap letters to the posters age that speaks rather of yours.

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A couple weeks ago CCP did some sort of graphics update. It helped make the space environment look better but totally messed up station interiors to the point that your ship in the docking bay is almost completely shadowed. A lot of people have bought various ship skins which can’t even be viewed anymore.

CCP needs to revert the station interior lighting back to how it originally was. At least then we’ll be able to see the ship skins again.

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CCP: makes graphics changes.
Everyone playing EVE:

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Yeah, it’s just you.

That Nvidia 8600 from 2008 probably doesn’t do the game justice…

Graphics changed, they look better now.

And some people are grumpy and think they look worse. Can’t please everyone.

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This is so true that some CSM member that remains unnamed thinks it makes the GAME better.

It makes it better looking, but last I checked it didn’t help me build a functioning POS.

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All other things being equal, if the graphics of version 2 of the game are better than of version 1, then version 2 of the game is better. I agree with the unnamed CSM member at that point.

Graphics aren’t really related to POS though, and I’m still waiting for the day CCP finally pull the plug on POS (and hopefully introduce a new alternative small structure to live from.)

That was my point.

A game with crappy graphics and a game with good graphics are only as good as the game that the graphics embellish.

New rendering and light effects do nothing to replace a functional POS.

I know its not what you were talking about, and I apologise for totally going off on tangent but it really grinds my gears.

A 1950s version of regular Monopoly is still a better game than Ms. Monopoly.

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