Alzhara Industries hiring- Family Friendly, Anglophone, Pythonesque

Hi there. After a long hiatus, Alzhara Industries is coming back online. Very pro newbro, alphas welcome, free ships for promising recruits. Miners and industrialists are welcome. Family friendly, with enthusiastic and patient training for all types of new players.

Come and be a part of hoisting a proud flag that has been a part of Eve for almost 9 years.

Share your in game goals with a wide variety of interesting folks from all time zones- we span the globe, any multilingual people are especially welcome. We will work with you to achieve your goals!

Mail me in game if rebuilding a proud, honest, and noble corporation is something you’d be interested investing your time in.

Oh, and I’m a bachelor looking for a gal with a boat who enjoys fishing. Please enclose a picture of the boat if you find that appealing.

All the best to all that read this, fly crazy Lords & Ladies, do what you feel and keep both feet on the wheel. You don’t have to go home, but 'cha can’t stay here… get off the forums and get involved in a grand adventure!

Thanks for your time and attention to my post.

Hello everyone- still recruiting, mail me in game for details. Fly safe this week! Cheers.

Hello, non existent new players on the forums- anyone who is interested in anything in game can contact me via EVE mail or come chat with my friends and semi-benevolent spies on my chat channel, Monty Daviss Flying Circus.

Fly crazy!

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