Am I the only one with this problem? Reset to Default

Hi all,

The problem is that the game is reset to default settings for one of the characters in the account almost every time when i start it.
Other 2 characters don’t have that problem.
I setup the character and log off. Some times when i login back is ok, but at least few times a day the settings are reseted.

Is there some chek box or something in the settings to do that, or my character is buged?

Will be happy if some one show me how to fix that. Is anoing to set up every time when i start the game :slight_smile:

I have no idea. I would file a ticket to the helpdesk.

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Is reported as a bug, but dont have any response. Will open other ticket if is needed. If i dont have answer or response form bug report after few days. I hope is my mistake while i clicked somewhere :slight_smile:

Give it some more time. It is not a critical issue so it might take longer than you like.


Yeah, that would suck. :frowning:

First thing I’d try is the standard clearing the game cache in esc menu and verifying file integrity from launcher if you haven’t.

If I recall a while back there were some players with this similar issue after a patch… I think I’d try a search on forums to see if my memory was accurate.

Good luck! o7


Bug reports don’t get an answer unless the devs need extra info. Make a support ticket to get help with your issue.


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