AMA - CCP Acquisiton by Pearl Abyss! Starts at 16:30 UTC!

What aspects of the merger are you personally excited about?

If you’re asking for personal opinion there’s a few things:

Not being owned by financial investors is great - being owned by a GAMING company means that they’re more interested in how we develop rather than the bottom line. I think a lot of people at CCP that I’ve spoke to are feeling a lot better about being owned by a company that’s in the games industry.

Knowledge exchange is also up high on my list - I want us to be able to work together for the betterment of all our titles. I’m sure there’s a shitload that we can learn from eachother.

I think it’s also super cool that we might be able to reach more people in Korea and the Asian Market in general with EVE.

Honestly, on a personal level I don’t really see any downsides to this. Pearl Abyss seem cool, super open to the way we do things, and very respectful of CCP and how we operate.


The ccp plans publish new eve comics or books in the future?

I stand by my statement but you only quote one small part of it.

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Will South Korea be added to the list of events like EVE Vegas and Eve Fanfest?

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The introduction of skill injectors and rorq buff turned the game into carriers / rorqs online. Which I am sure was extremely beneficial for CCPs short term financials. However, with a falling (actual) player count (rather than mass multiboxers / skill farmers / botting VNIs)… What action is CCP going to take to keep null sec interesting for small entities… aka think of the little guy. I presume Pearl Abyss will be wanting the downward trend to be reversed.

Also will Pearl Abyss enable you guys to expand your balance team… since it appears the meta is very much boring and stale…

Will Pearl Abyss’ embracing of sexually suggestive content conflict with the more restrained standards of CCP, as witnessed in the overly sensitive moderation of this “inappropriate” thread - Breast Physics - or can there now officially be more room for more mature content in this game, largely populated by adults, which still imposes a self-regulated age 12 rating?

If you’ve got a thing for boobies, you’re always going to be dissapointed in EVE, because it’s about spaceships.

Not really sure what to say here, bud. There’s websites for that kind of thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey, Frank!

They’re thinking long term with this, they didn’t buy a company best known for making a very unique and complicated product just to step in and crank dials. They have a lot of respect for our understanding of our product and our market. Everything I’ve seen and heard fills me with optimism about what we can do for EVE in the future.


More people to shoot/talk to ingame is always good

Not in the present structure actually :slight_smile: There’s types of shares, there’s also a structure within distinct shareholders, well, former ones pretty much now.

Is it time to bring back walking in stations?


@CCP_Falcon all I want to know is, do CCP retain 100% creative control over EVE Online?

Yep, there’s been lots of discussions about this and the plan is that we maintain 100% control over EVE.

That’s the way that both CCP and Pearl Abyss want it :slight_smile:


Maybe if it makes sense but no plans. If we were to localize into Korean and it went well it would start making sense I think :slight_smile:


Can we have a monument or a skin for be player during the independance of CCP ?

So… do you have a backup plan for if they DO start cranking dials?

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They’re buying into PA’s sweettalk… The greatest trick the devil ever pulled off, was to convince he didn’t exist.

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So ccp gets a cash injection which is good. Is this going to be more allocation for new projects or will there be more resources available to dedicate to better use of multicore and multi threading server and client side code?


Now CCP has joined with PA, do you know if PA’s talent or expertise in anyway will help with server code/hardware/stability for EVE?

Will we ever be able to build and fly supers in hi-sec?


I think it will be walking on planets or moons :new_moon_with_face:

for 29.99