AMA - CCP Acquisiton by Pearl Abyss! Starts at 16:30 UTC!

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  1. Has into the abyss been a way for EVE to become easier to monetize?

  2. Does pearl abyss plan to significantly change the game?

  3. Has CCP been struggling with financial issues therefor sold the company?



What aspects of the merger are you personally excited about?


Why was this done in the first place? Your marketing sprech does not offer any clues and CCP was supposedly an independent, very profitable company. Any of Hilmars marketing justifications hold no water against these realities. so, why was this done?


In the interview Hilmar did what is the MAU based on? subbed accounts or a different metric like individual launchers?

Will PA finally make CCP focus on EvE and stop Hilmar from wasting 10s of millions of dollars on failed, failing, or doomed to fail projects?

Will we be getting more MCT sales to help meet those financial goals PA has set up? Seems we’re already getting these

Do you remember when we had a community team and you told the playerbase the incoming layoffs wouldn’t effect EvE? Did you tell the same lie to the community team?

after double checking the OP, does CCP know what AMA stands for?
* This thread is for AMA questions only.


Will Pearl Abyss’ embracing of sexually suggestive content conflict with the more restrained standards of CCP, as witnessed in the overly sensitive moderation of this “inappropriate” thread - Breast Physics - or can there now officially be more room for more mature content in this game, largely populated by adults, which still imposes a self-regulated age 12 rating?


@CCP_Falcon whats your favorite ice cream?

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here is my question



How quickly you think will Pearl Abyss paywalls every possible feature, function and item? Because they will.

Pearl Abyss cannot be trusted with relaible updates nor do they listen userbase at all. I know this for a fact. What makes you so sure they do?

What qurantees do we have CCP stays in control of the development of EVE? You say you’ll remain independent, but everyone who’s familiar with PA, knows otherwise.


Congratulations for the deal!

My question is: How will the acquisition affect new talent recruitment for CCP Games?

Thank you


@CCP_Falcon all I want to know is, do CCP retain 100% creative control over EVE Online?


Will CCP now focus on EVE Online instead of other doomed projects such as VR or FPS?

Now that CCP has been purchased, will hiring more developers be a thing that happens in the near to medium-term future?


Why is that needed lol. Its a space sim not sex sim. There are more games lol.

Please, do try to give them reasonable questions. You are asking something they cannot really answer without resorting to marketing talk. It is this kind of question which prevents a real open exchange. This is an acquisition. That means that regardless of gentleman’s agreements and initial accords CCP Games is no longer independant, and has become a tech and product asset, nothing more. You are effectively asking them to wiggle. I don’t think this is fair.


No it’s not. Your agreement is with a corporation. The corporation still exists, only the shares are now owned by someone else.

Hey folks!

I got these questions:

  1. With more resources coming your way, have you guys got plans to work on Walking in Stations/Incarna and overall Avatar gameplay for the EVE universe, be it with implementations in Nova, utilizing Unreal Engine, or in any other way?

  2. Have you guys thought of a symbiosis between the EVE Trinity engine and Unreal engine, so that both EVE and Project Nova can eventually merge into one big game?

Overall I am optimistic and I trust you guys in the decision to join hands with Pearl Abyss. You are a wise company. Here is to more exciting times ahead! :heart: :rocket: :sun_with_face:


Actually, that depends on where someone is from. In the EU, an acquisition, irregardless of incorporation, voids prior agreement for EU citizens in the case of owner and/or share tranfers. At that point any company, regardless of status or stature, is required to formally reissue requests for any Agreements with components of confidentiality or cause.

There is alternative, they can be honest with us. :sunglasses:

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Has PA changed/refocused/axed/added the things currently under development or are they still wholly under CCP control?