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Will CCP Ever make the Ammatar Race available??? They have a whole region in space but we cant choose them in Amarr selection…


You can create any Minmatarian and imagine that you are a Nefantar
Nefantar = Ammatar

There is only one race on a galactic scale, and that is human.

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No, you cannot; each Empire has three playable bloodlines only.

The playable tribes are Sebiestor, Brutor, and Vherokior.

Most players are fine creating one of those and just imagining you are from the other tribes, tho.

I didnt want to say anything but there is in fact mentions of RACES in refering to the 4 diferent Empires… While you are right in saying Minmatar is 1 they do have Bloodlines but i do Belive that Ammatar should be included in Amarr Race though…

Lore wise, Ammatar are Minmatar racially speaking.

I know… but they sided with Amarr… even their stores have Imperial like modules…

Well, Bloodlines kind of semi-exist… so you could technically claim to be whatever you want :3

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