Amarr Dread pilot & capital Ships V - 104 mil’s_Advocat

Amarr Dread pilot, can fly Black Ops, Freighters, Jump Freighter, Marauder, Force Recon Ship and other.
Capital Ships V - pilot prepared for Titans, Cariers and Suprcarriers - just enter your skillbook.
Capital Energy Turret prepared for Avatar pilot - only need skill book injection for Amarr Titan.

Located : Hi Sec - Perimeter
Corporation : NPC
Total Skill Points 104,301,906
Unallocated Skill Points 1,400,366
Yearly Remap : 1
Bonus Remaps : 2
Security Status : + 0,15
Kill Rights : No
Wallet : positive
Clone Implants : 5x Improved in Perimeter

Prefer contact in game via mail : Michael Gogolowski



I can offer 60 Bil.


I’ll give you 58 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

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