WTS 63mil SP Super, Carrier, Dread, & Rorqual pilot with Capital/Outpost Construction

WTS 63mil SP, Super, Carrier, Dread, & Rorqual pilot with Capital/Outpost Construction


Located in Hi-sec, Jita 4-4, NPC Corp, Positive Wallet, No Kill rights

Skill highlights

  • Nyx/Aeon Pilot , Fighter 4 in 5 days
  • Carrier, Dreadnaught with 7+mil SP in Drones/Fighters
  • JDO 5, JDC 5 and JFC 4
  • Specialist Rorqual pilot , can use Industrial Core II
  • ‘Excavator’ Mining AND Ice Harvesting Drones – excellent yield!
  • Can use Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core – PANIC!
  • Invulnerability Core V in 14 days
  • Jump Freighter capable in 8 days
  • Capital Ship Construction 4
  • Outpost Construction 2
  • Good PI skills

Excellent Capital pilot; solid Super, Carrier & Dread with focused high-yield Rorqual skills. Fantastic for Null or WH operations

Starting bid 40 bil
B/O 70 bil

40B offer

41B offer

42 bil


50 bil!

… oscar X ???

57bil B/O
please close the transaction,thanks.

I accept oscar X’s buyout offer of 57bil ISK.

oscar X please transfer ISK and EVEmail account name and I will start transfer process.

@wormtoungue_Tivianne The account and ISK have been sent,thanks!

EVE Character transfer initiated to account specified. Thank you and fly safe o/

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