WTS 63m SP Specialist Rorqual, Capital and Construction pilot

WTS63m SP Specialist Rorqual, Capital and Construction pilot


Located in Hi-sec, Jita 4-4, in NPC Corp, Positive Wallet, No Kill rights

Skill highlights

  • Specialist Rorqual pilot, can use Industrial Core II
  • ‘Excavator’ Mining AND Ice Harvesting Drones – excellent yield!
  • Able to fit tank, rigs, run power and drones (inc defence)
  • Can use Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core – PANIC!
  • Invulnerability Core V in 21 days
  • JDO 5, JDC 5 and JFC 4
  • Carrier, Dreadnaught and Super capability
  • JF in 11 days
  • Capital Ship Construction 4
  • Outpost Construction 2
  • Good PI skills

Excellent solid focused Rorqual pilot. Fantastic for Null or WH operations; mining, construction & as capital defence alt

Not in a hurry to sell, any low-balling will be considered a free bump.

Starting bid 50
B/O 70 bil

Daily bump

Daily bump.

Looking for offers.

Friday bump.

Troll reported. Free bump

51b bid

Bid cancel

52 Billion ISK right here

53 Billion isk

Bid retracted

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