Wts rorqual /carrier pilot 62 mill skill points


WTS Rorqual /Carrier Pilot starting bid 40 bill

40 bil

Will be selling this character as soon as I get home from work tonight

43 bil If needed

Character is yours if you want it

arania Afuran - as per our in-game conversation, I have 37bil I can offer. If you accept that offer here I will send the ISK and account details for the transfer.

Please ensure character is in npc corp and confirm you comply with all Character Bazaar forum rules;

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Npc corp

Sinckal you can have the character for amount discussed

Please confirm from character being transferred, wormtoungue Tivianne, and state Positive wallet, No kill rights, Npc corp.

character has been transferred

wormtoungue Tivianne, has a Positive wallet, No kill rights, and is in Npc corp

You need to post from the actual character / Pilot in this thread please.

this character has a positive wallet no kill rights and has a positive wallet

and in an npc corp

I wormtoungue Tivanne accept your offer of 37 bill isk

ISK and account details sent, please start transfer

i have already transferred character who did you send isk to

you have sent isk to wrong character i cannot access wormtoungue Tivanne

Hi. I’m just following the Character Bazaar rules. I sent the ISK to wormtoungue Tivanne as he was being sold. You would normally transfer the ISK to your pilot then initiate the transfer process.

Do not worry. We will ask CCP to help

Update at 21.47 Support ticket raised requesting that CCP help resolve.

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With GM Sura’s help this has been resolved.

37 bil ISK (agreed sale price sent to wormtoungue Tivianne (pilot being sold) and now ISK sent on to arania Afuran as agreed and instructed by GM Sura.

arania Afuran please confirm you are happy and this character sale completed satisfactorily.

o/ Sin

I (the sold pilot) received the full 37 bil sale price and held the ISK until GM Sura confirmed those sales funds should be sent to arania Afuran. The full 37bil ISK was sent to arania Afuran at 10:09:20 on 2019.03.17 and EVE mails sent to arania Afuran to confirm and support ticket updated.

Thank you for your help and understanding arania Afuran and GM Sura.