Amarr Empire & 24th Imperial Crusade Only Wiki

Greetings Amarr loyalists, Shadows of the Empire has launched a new wiki which is very pathetic at the moment but we have some very strong leadership behind it, including Gian Bal, Elendar and Varrinox to make sure we don’t screw things up

But, you ask, “We have Eve-uni wiki?” Eve-uni doesn’t address the specialities of Amarr Faction Warfare closely enough, and as well as this, there’s no room for the cool aspects of Amarr culture in it. It’s also really outdated in many places and provides fits and ships which never would be used in AFW, or very very rarely for non-lowsec operations.

This is one of the main cogs in the master plan to rebuild a seamless and well greased Amarr war machine, that not only is full of bitter vets but supports our anxious newbies as well, many of whom do not survive their first few days in AFW.

If you are the leader of an oldschool or major AFW corp, feel free to contact us in the main Discord, so we can get you sorted as an admin:

If you just want to help out with the Wiki you can jump right in, there are no restrictions on edits of course, as this is an OOC endeavor. Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar pilots are welcome to help, but it would be great if you could please make your own wiki, and make mirrors of relevant data that applies to all factions, as our wiki will be focusing closely on Amarr culture and Amarr corps.

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