Call for Writers; Let's do another Lore Project: Amarr Magazine

Lunarisse Aspenstar asked one of my characters if she was going to be in any more magazines. That got Serpent thinking that maybe she could be the editor of a magazine herself. (not a chance)

Her corp, Shadows of the Empire is creating an Amarr-oriented magazine targeting Holder caste - Amarr mercenaries and templarii/classiarii and so on. What we’re going to do is ads, interviews and articles pertaining to Amarr culture. It’s going to be a normal sort of Amarr magazine this time, not one for teenaged girls.

The name of the magazine is Atash-Amarr

I don’t know that it will be produced on a regular basis. The goal is to just have fun with this first issue and then see where it goes. I could write all of it myself but I thought it might be fun to ask if the community wanted to put their name on it, so to speak.

Please see the first issue of the Edinburgh Review for an example of the sort of thing we would be looking for as far as topics.

I cannot promise when it will be done. It’s just for fun, there are no prizes except for the fact that you can get your name in a weird niche roleplaying community, and there is some sense of permanence to it since one never knows when the forums will go tits up and they shuffle us off to a new version. There are two very specific things I want from people more organized, and better connected than I am outside of anything else the community might want published in a flipbook style magazine:

  1. Something on Aldrith Shutaq, that justifies the portrait his hair justifies. (I will be doing that portrait so I’d much rather leave the article up to someone else who knows him better)

  2. An article on faction warfare that mentions our lord and savior trigger99. You would not have free reign on this, as most people don’t know the warzone that well. If you took on this section I would require you to speak with either myself or Varrinox on Delirium Syndicate comms so you can get the facts. You should have some professional journalism experience (even if it’s just your school newspaper or whatever) It would need to be 4 pages long but we can bump the font.

Anything else is up to everyone else.

If you want to place an ad, keep in mind our corp will charge 750M for placement of the ad. Design of the ad is up to you, but if you want us to design it that will be an additional 4 Billion. True Amarr loyalist alliances, if they wish for an ad are exempt, I will consider running an ad, and designing it on a donations basis (remember we are a FW corp and Lord Varrinox always needs shiny ships, preferably ones that can use the Eros Blossom Skin, thanks.)

Send submissions to (I have set up this email explicitly for this purpose)


Athra Girl Magazine


Now at least I have a pure Amarr Discord:

I have decided to set the deadline for this project to September 11th, 2018, so maybe we can have it done by Youil (the winter holidays)

Anyone who wishes to discuss the project may come in there and chat. It is a Amarr-only Discord server for a special AFW/Amarr Empire project run by Shadows of the Empire, in alliance with Two Maidens One Chalice and Ungentlemanly Warfare.



Imma be magazineized! I’m ready for my closeup!


An article in this should be about how traditional values will save the empire. We must now more than ever remind the faithful to stay the course and not give into temptation and false teachers.

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Cool! Will see what I can come up with!


Another idea is the Sani Sabik presence in Amarr FW which is undeniable, ie how does the Empire view that, since it’s obviously tolerated to some extent. An article on that would be very interesting.

Also Aldrith Shutaq’s player, I need you to write me somewhere and give me a loose direction for the portrait, maybe we could have a discussion on Discord or something, I’m in TMOC comms and Delirium Syndicate comms. Ashlar Vellum is in TMOC, and I think you know him.

I will definately be on this Saturday as we’re running a RP Police Comet Roam.

Tolerated is a good word I think. I think they have to be a separate entity, only joining fight in their own corps, different from empire forces by many things. Where its needed they would gather intel and fight rather autonomously against enemy, sometimes receiving orders to move out of the way or vanish, orders coming from Empire commanders. They should respect stand-off orders at all times, in return being tolerated, but only in fight zones. Kind of a mercenary units. Not penal legions even, just pirates fighting on the right side. Empire should not care about rescuing those units, or even helping them.

What are you talking about. Sabiks are all about hiding in plain sight, many of Amarr aristocracy are secretly Sabiks and there is a strong Sabik influence at all levels in Khanid. Anyone running around shouting “I am a Sani Sabik” is most definitely not a Sani Sabik.

A Sabik (rather than straight out Blood Raider) for instance would hide within Amarr Militia, pretend to be a loyalist and regard groups like PIE as pawns in their grander game of advancing human potential made manifest in the Sabik Savants.

Well anyway, thats what I heard.


Also - I am concerned someone like Aldrith would misrepresent the faith due to his misguided interpretation of our religion. I demand right of reply especially on any assertions on things like Blood Raiders and Sani Sabiks and his whining and moaning about corruption of the militia.


Actually here
it is written that Blood Raiders are Sani Sabik like those in hiding in empire, it evolved to mean something like a “heretic”, rather than member of particular offshot of a cult called like that, now its in general offshot of the mainstream Amarr religion. But still using blood in rituals.
I assume the Empire Navy would screen their members for that, so only independent militia corps are left as a good place. Corps where Sani Sabik are not in direct connection with empire forces and officials, and are not screened for past. Capsuleer Sani Sabik seem fitting in that niche, tolerated as long as they dont shoot Amarr, dont interfere with population, dont do any crimes, and follow orders from official Empire Navy. Empire would rather treat them as mercenaries in the war, something like Caldari are tolerated even when they dont follow Amarr religion. The NPC corp would have those very camouflaged Sani Sabik.

You make a lot of assumptions about capsuleers.

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Hi Edeity,

I agree with you on many points, of course. Also I’ve updated the story that goes with the Huola poster, part II of my character Ravana’s story,I think you’ll find it amusing, considering your RP inclinations. I’m making assumptions too, of course, but they’re the ones I prefer, as they are based on how the individuals in the militia have conducted themselves. As far as I can tell in speaking with both hardcore roleplayers and lightcore roleplayers, there has always been a strong Blood Raider and Sani Sabik presence in the militia. I prefer to take both the lore and the player opinions into account when building my vision of Amarr society. Why would anyone want to roleplay a the Amarr as anything less than complex and multi-faceted?

There are also many chronicles which point to the upper class Amarr as being really nasty pieces of work, if not merely prone to debauch.

Unfortunately I do not have access to a PC that can run voicecomms like that or even EVE itself at the moment. Email or a text program would be best for communication.

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Ah that’s fine man. Well you can just PM me on Discord if you like, it runs well on my tablet.

I actually have no clue how to share my Discord name, so just join my server, and fetch my name from the list for the private convo. (I am listed as Izi)

new Discord

Now at least I have a pure Amarr Discord:

I think I’d consider running OOC stories, too, in a different section if that would boost interest. I don’t see a reason to be uber restrictive since it is for our enjoyment after all. So if anyone wants to provide Amarr perspective stories, even if they are Blood Raider, let’s do that…preferably Blood Raiders connected to the Empire still…

Also this doesn’t have to be “new content” if you just want stuff collated into a nice magazine layout on old content I don’t care if it’s old content.

The magazine will be licensed under unrestricted license so it may be reposted anywhere else, keep that in mind…it all belongs to CCP anyways


Ooh, this looks fun – I’d be interested!


Great! The more the merrier!

Someone asked me if I wanted to accept art submissions. The truth is I’m so unused to seeing any kind of Eve fanart I just sort of assumed we had more writers in the crowd than concept artists. So yes, of course. It needs to blend well with the magazine, but if you want to write an article with an accompanying image, that would take a lot of work off my shoulders.

Now at least I have a pure Amarr Discord:

I have decided to set the deadline for this project to September 11th, 2018, so maybe we can have it done by Youil (the winter holidays)

Anyone who wishes to discuss the project may come in there and chat. It is a Amarr-only Discord server for a special AFW/Amarr Empire project run by Shadows of the Empire, in alliance with Two Maidens One Chalice and Ungentlemanly Warfare.

I have added this information to the OP.


Still accepting entries also aldrith you need to get into touch so I can make portraiture


Sorry, totally forgot about this in my non-EVE limbo. Hope it’s going well!

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No problem but I don’t do portraits without a consultation of some kind glad you touched base :stuck_out_tongue: