(Amarr FW) [ UGW ] Ungentlemanly Warfare, Turning the funometer to 11!

(Ender Bloodclaw) #1

Ungentlemanly Warfare, an Amarrian Faction Warfare alliance is now recruiting corporations to help take back our territory! Join us for glory! For Honor! For FUN!!!

We offer:

  • Well thought out fleet comps!
  • Fun Friendly atmosphere!
  • Minimal Drama!
  • Logistical services!
  • Access to Mining Ops!
  • Reduced Cap pricing!
  • Did I mention fun?!

What we require:

  • Discord (both text and voice)
  • Full API
  • A willingness to jump headfirst into the war

Join now! Don’t let another day slip you by!


as a completely unbiased party, i can say that UGW is literally the most epic group i’ve ever seen. Talk about tough as nails warriors.

I also heard that ender bloodclaw is the best jump dessie pilot ever seen.

(Ender Bloodclaw) #3

We’re still recruiting! Apply today! For glory, for honor, for FUN!


Welcome to alliance new friends


Rip brother EOW 01/08/18


Accepting corps. Also welcome krysis


accepting brave corps


Still accepting corps for alliance

(system) #9

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