Ungentlemanly Warfare - Amarr FW Alliance- Looking for PVP Corps

Ungentlemanly Warfare, an Amarrian Faction Warfare alliance is now recruiting corporations to help take back our territory! Join us for glory! For Honor! For FUN!!!

We offer:

  • Well thought out fleet comps!
  • Fun Friendly atmosphere!
  • Minimal Drama!
  • Logistical services!
  • Access to Mining Ops!
  • Reduced Cap pricing!
  • Did I mention fun?!

Check out our killboard to see what kind of content we get - it’s a mixture of small gang and solo.

Killboard - https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007337/

Contact Doughboy61 or DARTH LIND in game for information.

In game Public Channel: UGW Public

A New corp joined today!!! Together we grow, together we get better. Strength in Unity.

Room for more new corps, always looking for more pilots!!

Great tome to join, fresh start

Good thing grammar isn’t important :joy::joy:

New corps joining everyday, standby for epic stuff

Two new corps joined today!!

Growingeveryday, join now!!!

Accepted a new Corp this evening

killingit, join now

Still looking for great corps and new members.

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