Amarr Religion Allowed in Minmatar Republic?

A lot of Ammantar defected to the Minmatar Republic follow the Elder Fleet invasion. Presumably many of them still keep to the Amarr faith.

Are they allow to practice a modified version of it, or is it banned outright?

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AFAIK Nefantar and Starkmanir practicing Amarr faith is “tolerated” but trying to preach it to the general public is vehemently opposed. Someone who tried got their chapel burned down for example.

Also I believe I’ve read that both “lost tribes” are being re-educated and encouraged to adopt Minmatar traditions and spirituality, but not outright forced. Some have taken up old traditions, but they’re a minority of a minority.


It is not banned. The Republic has a significant minority of Amarr adherents, particularly among Nefantar and Starkmanir, as mentioned, as well as among freed slaves.

Though faith is permitted, it is a source of serious social tension. Amarr worshippers are often discriminated against, and there are occasionally violent clashes between adherents and anti-Amarr tribalists. The Krusual Tribe are the most antagonistic towards Amarr adherents, and they killed Abel Jarek, a prominent Brutor follower of the Amarr religion.

From EVE Source:

The Amarr Faith
Certainly the Amarr have had a strong influence on the Minmatar, and not just through simple slavery and subjugation. Many are the Minmatar slaves who have been indoctrinated into the Amarr religion or even adopted it willingly. The surviving Starkmanir and defector Nefantar have among them many who continue to follow the Amarr faith despite their escape from the empire. To the dismay, and in many cases anger, of many Minmatar there are many who refuse to put aside their beliefs even when told of all that the Amarr Empire has done to the Matari people. The presence of Minmatar adherents to the Amarr religion is a major source of social tension within the Minmatar Republic.

For those born as slaves but later freed and returned to the Republic, unlearning Amarr indoctrination is a process that will take and shape the rest of their lives; often, they will never learn fully what it is to be a free Minmatar. Rescued or repatriated Minmatar are assisted by their tribes as a matter of course, but the powerful indoctrination of the Amarr faith is commonly found to be unshakable. Many free Minmatar choose to continue following the Amarr religion and bring up their children in that faith. Such choices are incomprehensible to the Minmatar who inherited the legacy of the Great Rebellion, and it is usual and wise for Minmatar adherents of the Amarr religion to practice their faith in private.

The Krusual have less patience than any other tribe for former Minmatar slaves who continue to follow the Amarr religion.

Abel Jarek
Abel Jarek was a charismatic cleric in the Salvation Church of Blessed Servitude, a movement of former slaves preaching the Amarr faith. He became well known as leader of the “Salvation Crusade,” an attempt to spread the word of the Amarr faith inside the Minmatar Republic. Jarek and 214 other former slaves began their efforts at converting Minmatar within the Republic in early YC 111. Meeting with considerable opposition, not least due to the rather ill-chosen term of crusade, they first worked in the refugee camps of Matar. Jarek later tried to establish a permanent religious community in Matar’s Tronhadar valley region - once again showing his lack of sensitivity, given the area’s status as a stronghold of the Krusual Tribe. He died in an attack on the Salvation township by masked vigilantes. His life and death highlighted the problems and tensions arising from the presence of increasingly large numbers of former slaves in the Minmatar Republic.

Other useful sources: (this is a great chronicle for this subject, because it details the conflict of faith between members of the same family)


its a concession that has to be done with the large influx of former slaves that arrive in the republic. they have lived most of their lives under the Amarr culture and lifestyle so trying to shove the Minmatar way of life into them all at once is a no no.

so in order to assimilate them into Minmatar culture they are permitted to keep their Amarr religious rites like reading the scriptures and stuff. as long as they do it for personal use. not to preach the religion around.

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