Amarr ship for countering PVE ganks

Hello! I haven’t played the game in many years and decided to come back with 3 other omega friends. We want to do level 4 Lowsec PVE missions together.

(I know there’s no benefit to doing lowsec missions, but we decided to do it just for the added risk.)

They will be flying PVE-fit ships.

Which Amarr ship/general fit idea should I use to counter inevitable ganking or just to give my friends time to escape?

We are prepared to lose ships and have fun! We have already lost a couple times when a wild Thanatos appeared:)

Thank you!

Level 4 lowsec missions aren’t worth it compared to highsec level 4 burner missions (which are very challenging and rewarding in their own right) unless you’re doing faction warfare.

However if you reeeally want to run them, legions/hacs can be decent enough and aren’t so slow that they take ages to get out if someone scans and warps on you. Legion can also fit for cloak moving through gates while still having an ok tank and dps. If you’d rather cheap out, any reasonably tanked battle ship that can do highsec lvl4s will do them, but you’ll need scouts for moving through gates. Expect to die a lot.

In terms of anti gank, amarr doesn’t really have one. If you use a caldari ewar ship to jam out tacklers that would work but means not using the amarr ship line. Otherwise you want to fly in a gang with dedicated logistics ships and be more threatening to fight than the gangs hunting you. This still isn’t a very efficient solution, so you’re better off with slippery pve ships

Are you aware you have to be Omega to do level 4’s now ?

Yeah man, we are all omegas. I traded a bunch so Isk isn’t a problem either.

Thanks for the advice! I know there’s no benefit, but we like the risk of dying. They are all going to use pve fit drakes, I’m the only Amarr guy, so cloaking through gates wouldn’t be relevant. How would I give them time to escape in my legion and what about hacs?

Fly Abaddons. People will think it is bait.

If they’re using drakes you’re better off flying a pilgrim and pretending to be a cyno, which is literally all the help you can provide. You’re not going to protect them much from roaming gangs on a gate or once you’re scanned down.

The legions/tengus/hacs are what they should be flying to be as slippery as possible while still being able to pve

i would like more players in new eden to think like you, eve would be more fun, and blueball less frequent.

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I don’t know why people say stuff like “you will die a lot” - nobody will engage you unless they have you outnumbered. You will see local balloon before they come for you. Plus, you can move away from where the jump gate drops you to make it difficult for them.

Even the gate campers will warp off if they see a pack of battleships coming through the gate. Most of the fights in lowsec are in faction warfare systems, or ganks of random explorers and PI haulers.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks man! We’ll try using 4 BSs as well. Which caldari ones should they use?

4 scorpions would be fun in lowsec.

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