Amarr Ships + Fitting Ratting against Guristas?

Yea - i dont know which ship would be good against Guristas in PVE Ratting…

NPCs use to have distinct damage types: NPC_damage_types

Damage to deal: Kinetic / Thermal
Damage to resist: Kinetic (79%) / Thermal (18%)

Some background.

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as Boldly Gone showed you, you can use amarr but it won’t be the best hull type to use, as amarr usually do em/thermal damages

So if i focus on EM instead of TH it would be nice.

There are several Amarr ships that allow for selective damage types: Dragoon, Arbitrator, Prophecy and Armageddon - they are drone boats with the option of secondary armament with missile launchers. Select the drones and missiles according to the target you are concentrating on.

The Amarr drone ships, with the exception of the Prophecy, are normally used as support ships in a fleet as they are also bonused to some form of e-war or neutralisation. However, they are capable vessels, but not as tanky as their combat focused brethern.
So saying the Prophecy can be fitted as a Gold Brick if needs be, especially with good Amarr Battlecruiser skills.

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boldly gone explained to you that you have to deal kinetic/thermal damage and max your resist against kin/thermal! and you decide to focus on EM???

Don’t be a jerk dude.

@Lemartes_VI you want to deal and resist primarily Kinetic damage against Guristas. Thermal damage is better than EM but most laser weapons will deal damage split over those types, making them less effective than a pure thermal weapon. I would advise looking into a Caldari hull since those can fit missiles which have swappable single damage types and usually have kinetic damage bonuses to boot.

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