Guritas Den help

Hi guys, I’m currently flying a shield tank rupture with artilery cannon running Guritas Refuges. The Refuges was easy for me but when I try Guritas Den I’m stuck with the frigates keeping me from locking targets and my drones cannot focus on them. So all those destroyers, frigates, sentries and cruiser just easily chewing my shield. Is there any way to deal with those frigates?

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Would help to see your ship fit. Also what your piloting tactic is…

Anyway, best to take out the Sentry’s first, then work on the NPC’s. That will cut out quite a bit of incoming damage. I believe each NPC group spawns with destruction of last NPC in previous group so don’t kill the last NPC in initial group until you’ve destroyed the Sentry’s.

Personally I think a brawler fit for up close combat is best.

I always use long range weapon fits, but always warp into the site at 30kms or more in cruisers or battlecruisers. I admit Minmatar ships are bottom of my list for PvE because artillery is so slow firing, but it is still perfectly doable. You also need sensor boosters for Alphas vs Guristas because of the jamming.

Sit out of range of the sentry or missile batteries, use long range ammo to kill as many frigates as possible at range, use drones to kill any that get too close, and then use the artillery mainly vs cruisers and batteries.

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