Amarrian Goth chick 9m SP - for sale @ 6.5b

3 jump clones with full implants, including +4 implants

Clone in high sec space

2 bonus remaps

positive wallet

no kill rights

Selling for 6.5b

i offer the 5b

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i was to answer your answer but your answer was edited.

I dont think you can sell at that price, and you edited your other post, My offer of 5b is retracted.


probaby i amn one of the more trustable trrader here. My only bid here was 5b and is not edited, and i am not interested in your char anymore. You answer saying “i accept your offer” and when i enter to answer you edited the other things

My offer was not false, i was outside the city and dont see the offer you send me, about
a 6b purchase.

Is agains the rules edit the post, and good luck with your sell.

yeah, he acept my offer of 5b, he send me a evemail selling it at 6 and i dont answer because was out of city ( excessive ), 5b was geneorus offer, but 6.b for a scanner dont worth.

I was interested in other things, but i doubt can sell for 6b.

This look as a auto sale, normally is very rare a char of 9b pass 6b except if is a jump freighter or a standings char.

The buyer only write today and offer for other char 2b, then ssomething is not right here.

Thread muted,.

Good luck with the sell to yourself.

I sell to inactive several times, not a troll and pretty wise in the market… just fyi and free bump


Agree. I am relatively new in the market but is strange new chars call him a troll when they are offering 2b for a other pilot ( less than the transfer price ). My estimate of value here is 5 to 5.5 max

7.25 sale for that ??

and assets are not in price for forum rules.

Beware guys…

do u note @Phoenix_Etherium remoe the message of thanks of the free sin in a character without black ops and with very low drones?

and @Vala_Amarr begin the transfer but change the portrait passing the transfer ?


Threads for character sales are not deleted, as they serve as a record of characters changing hands to prevent impersonation.