Amarrian Silent Syndicate - The Golden Foreign Legion YOU Deserve!

Coming back to Eve? Forget your old corps, they are the reason you quit playing in the first place.

Brand new to Eve? Don’t call us. Finish your career agents. Do the Sisters of Eve epic arc. Enjoy your NPC corp for a bit. Then you can call us.

What do we do? Pffff. Wrong question. What do you do? Odds are, we can make it work. What we are looking for small gang PvPers, miners, explorers, and mission runners.

What are we? What we are not is RPers. We are Amarr loyalist. Possibly lore trolls. We are not career specific. Though we can not be all things to all people, we are a band of brothers. We are a “real life first” corp. We want to make Eve fun again.

If any of this sounds like you, odds are you are probably already an .A55 at heart. The next step is contacting one of us. We will set up a voice chat interview via Discord. For us, chemistry is more important that skills, ships, isk, or ego. If you have what it takes, we will go from there.

Our main focus lies within the USTZ; however, we happily embrace and extend a warm welcome to players from around the globe! Join .A55 Recruitment for more information.

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