Amazing pvp toon

33mill sp
Perfect Engineering,Gunnery
very good armor,shield,nav skills good drones aswell
Has POS wallet
in npc corp
snake set included
sec status -1.48 docked in jita with this sec status u will have zero isseus in highsec
B/O 32Bill or make decent bid

Ratri Suktam 20B

21b bid

ty for the bids but looking for a tas more fellas^^


if u still want the toon il agree to 21bill, send me the isk and info and il start the transfer :smile:

if u can buy it now il agree to ur offer

Ratri Suktam ISK and account info sent

i just seen ur reply iam logging in and start the transfer

Ratri Suktam :+1:

hi i have started the transfer i used plex so had to go thru a ticket wich has been made i hope they are asap with our request ty f the trade!

Request #1677996

PLZ Transfer ratri suktam with use of 1000plex

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Today at 19:17

hi can u plz transfer ratri suktam to the acount ************ this is the forum post as in line with rules Amazing pvp toon - #10 by WTB_All_Characters
i have 1000plex in the vault of ratri

@Ratri_Suktam CCP doesn’t accept plex transfer anymore

you have to pay $20 via their website to transfer toons.

Ratri Suktam He is correct they don’t accept PLEX anymore.

WTB i have mailed u can we converse IG?

Ratri Suktam This is not ok… you can’t just send me some of the ISK back, saying sorry you spent the rest… I manage this character sale as an in-game business of which I have loans from other players to buy these characters so unless I get repaid in full or the characters sent then I will have to open a ticket… I will also accept PLEX at 2.9m/each instead as it seems you have some…

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