"An error occured"

Since today i can not log into SiSi anymore.

I was able to play for the past weeks,
when i enter my account and PW nothing happens for 2 seconds, then the message “an error occured” pops up.
No further information.

in the same situation with my steam account

an one find sulution yet my friend is haveing same problems and i got me and my alt on fine.

I found a workaround but its really messy since you lose all your settings.

go to:

:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eve Online\SharedCache\sisi
open “start.ini” change line
server = Tranquility to server = Singularity
save and close
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eve Online\SharedCache\sisi\bin
start evefile.exe

and you can join SiSi again.

Hey there,

thx for your quick help here. I can log in but and as you said all settings are reset. But for me it does not woirk as it should. My chat Window is completely missing. No local, no corp, no allianz chat. Any idea what could be wrong here?

i did not have that problem with the chat.
but since its easter and i assume those are national holidays in iceland, we wont get answers the next few days :frowning:

see same happens to me i’m trying to find a way around this so hang on guys.

okay chat is gone for me now aswell.

That worked pretty well actually. However, i only lost the chat channels, so all other settings are intact for me.

Yep same here. All settings are fine but the channels are gone.

I am guessing it has to do with the authentication token, which is causing an error when I try to log on.
Restarting the launcher doesn’t help, so the only way to log on is with the server list.

So the token must be the same you get when you authenticate with the launcher.

All chat channels are missing

Same. Can get on via the server list. But all chat channels are missing. Cannot join any. Cannot make any new ones. Hard to practice for AT when we can’t talk to anyone to coordinate matches.

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