An Exercise in Futility

But one never knows until you put yourself out there right? Try not to LOL too hard, mkay?

I’m a one-man corp focused in industry, salvaging, mining, and exploration. I’d like to find an alliance that has a non-war eligible auxiliary setup with access to low/null. While I have no issues jumping into a T1 fit to pew pew for defensive purposes, it is not at all what I’d prefer to be doing.

Concerns I’ve heard so far:

Why don’t you simply join a corp in the existing alliance?

I do consider myself a team player. But there’s something very appealing about having my own little corner of independence when I’m not working on jobs for the alliance.

Except one man indy corps aren’t capable of building capitals.

Everyone has a part to play in building capitals. My toon skills allow me to play as part of the numerous cogs in the wheel that goes round for the benefit of whoever is going to push the button on the final assembly job. Whether or not I fly in one of your corps or my own, your flag doesn’t inherently increase my skill points to accomplish the job.

What’s to say if our space is invaded, you don’t pack up and move out instead of stay and fight for it?

While PvP is far from my desired focus, I’ll climb into a T1. The nice thing about indy is your ship hangar is only as limited in stock as your access to minerals. If I blow up a T1 in a fight, so what? I’ll just make another one. If I run out of materials, then we might have a problem.

Anyway, that’s my pitch. Feel free to chastise, meme troll, or whatever. But if you could actually make use of my one-man corp, please let me know in-game.


You may contact this Corp and may suggest the idea to form a fresh alliance.

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Thank you for the suggestion Neo.

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