An interesting idea that can change the way alphas are allowed to play

Note when ever I refer to special or advanced ships in this post I am referring to (tier-2 and tier-3 ships, ships bigger than battle ships, tier-2 industrials, freighters, and jump freighters). I am NOT referring to REGULAR (non “tier-2 or tier-3 ……”) faction and non-faction ships.

After all my ideas were found to have flaws I thought over it thinking what could be done to make the game better, without any flaws that affect Omegas at all. It took me so many ideas till I finally found the idea that a lot of people may agree to in many aspects. It involves a new skill that can change the way that alphas can play the game. Omegas do not have to get all worry some over this new skill as it should be a skill that a Omega can lvl up to lvl 5 in literally no time (like only 9-11 days from lvl 0 to lvl 5). Now lets talk about this new skill idea and how it is going to change the way alphas can play the game.

The new skill is called “advanced ship jump safety control”. Alphas can only lvl up to lvl 1 only. So what will this skill do? Basically when this skill is entered into the game, all tier-2 ships, all tier-3 ships, ships bigger than battle ships, tier-2 industrials, freighter, and jump freighters, will be given a special basic flaw. This flaw is that at lvl 0 of the skill there is a 100% chance that the jump ill cause the ship to malfunction and explode. The explosion will happen right after the jump. The description of the skill will be “Advanced ships and freighters have a different jump safety control. If these controls are not used correctly, these ships can miss calibrate and misfunction and explode right after jumping. This skill decreases the chance of this happening by teaching the pilot about this safety control. Each level decreases the chance of explosion by 20% which at lvl 5 is 100% chance of no explosion.” So how does this skill come in handy, and why should it even be put into the game?
lvl 1: 20% chance AT EACH jump that the advanced or special ship will not explode. (max for alpha in this skill)
lvl2: 40% chance
lvl3: 60% chance
lvl4: 80% chance
lvl 5: The special or advanced ships will never explode when jumping.

Now why should it be placed into the game? Well lets just assume that alphas have the ability to fly tier 2 or tier 3 frigates. If alphas can train to lvl 1 only, then they risk a 80% chance that their ship is going to explode when jumping. Basically If an alpha has to take the special ship 4 jumps, that is (1/5)^4 = 1/625 chance that the special ship will not explode after 4 jumps. So how does this come into play. Well, basically this limitation would cause limitations on alphas on how they can use their special ship. Basically it will not be like giving alphas full freedom to use all ships omegas can use right now. Omegas do not have to worry about this, as I said before, since they can quickly reach lvl5, and they will have no risk of an explosion.

Because of this limitation on how they can’t jump and use the special ships, alphas should theoretically be given the chance to use these ships. However of course in the case of the titan, they will have to use non-titan modules like large instead of the normal xl that are fitted onto the titans.

Now people might say how will this affect the market? It is hard to make these special ships, thus their current cost. Now if we were to add the demand of alphas after introducing my skill idea, the prices will sky rocket even higher, due to the increase in demand, and low amount of availability. On top of that there will be dumb alphas that will TAKE THE RISK and LOOSE their ships when jumping, and come back to buy another one. So its a win-win situation in the market.

Another person may now ask, wont there be smart alphas that will buy the same type of ship in every system in EVE? price of special ship *the number of systems in eve= I do not think anyone will have that much ISK. Even if someone buys ISK from plex just to buy all those ships, they did something dumb because they could have used all that plex for in game omega time, lvl up to 5 in the skill I am introducing, and would not have the need to buy ships in every system.

Now you might ask PvP balance, well the best for these special ships, involves the use of omega modules. No where did I say that omega modules should become useable by alphas. Even if they get the skills to use it, alphas should not be able to use that module object it self. Thus now the balance between alpha and omega PvP stays the same, except now its more higher stakes.

No. If ai were to try to explain why its so bad, Id get banned. Ask ISD to delete this post.

Why is this so bad, what do you find bad about it?

Read and youll see.

I do not see your point please explain. I read my OP and can’t understand what you are refereeing as the problem.

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Gee, wonder why you never ever talked about how these vessels can all be packaged and moved via various freight options to the required systems. Your “flaw” is very thinly veiled attempt at creating a secondary market in rapid ship movement subject to blowing up bad players in space in industrials and move scams and trying to pull a fast one on the CCP Devs and paid players by creating a so called mandatory skill.

Hell NO.

I never actually thought of that honestly.

I was not trying to pull a fast one honest mistake.

Sorry forumers honest mistake.

ISD lock this thread I am dumb and stupid need to learn more about eve, before I make another idea post.


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