An Ode to our Beloved Queen, Princess Aiko Danuja:

Come all ye yonder and sing, an ode to High Sec’s Beloved Queen!

Forever shall she reign, fair and just;

Adored by the heavens, witness the stars smile upon her;
Cherished by her subjects, witness their joy.
Blest by the Gods, witness her ascension.
Revered by her peers, witness their appreciation.
Respected by enemies, witness their dismay.

Let us toast to her Majesty, the Ruler of Stars and Guardian of the Cosmos.
For she is Heir of the Legacy of King James CCCXV, the Savior of High Sec.

God Save the Queen!


I see someone’s after a BJ…

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I thought the empress was Catiz the first

The Pretendress was arrested last year.

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holy! so u are the all mighty god leader of Amarr now?! okay.

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That’s right.


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