In the Name of Princess Aiko Danuja, Heir to the Legacy of King James CCCXV

In the Name of Princess @Aiko_Danuja , Heir to the Legacy of King James CCCXV, the Savior of High Sec and Ruler of the Cosmos

For those who love her:

Know that you are not alone among her secret admirers; know that you are not alone amongst those who gaze at her radiance from beyond the stars; know that she is the Center of All Things, in all its Majesty, Elegance and Opulence.

Do not be ashamed. For she is loved by all who are true of heart.

In the Name of Princess Aiko Danuja, Heir to the Legacy of King James CCCXV, the Savior of High Sec and Ruler of the Cosmos

For those who despise her:

By virtue of the power which She hath bestowed upon us, we shall deprive you and all the wicked who aspire to be like you all which you crave. Neither sloths nor aspirants shall continue to defile our lands; neither heretics nor their cults shall spread the plague of soulless automation; for the scourge you have unleashed, thou shalt be excoriated from the Cosmos, anathematized and condemned to the eternal fire of Scottmw15, the damned and reprobate.

We banish you from the society of High Sec, we exclude thee from the fruits of our Holy Dominion, we declare you excommunicated and anathematized and we judge you condemned to eternal fire with Scottmw15 and all the banned, damned and reprobate.

Go forth, soldiers of EvE, and cleanse the stars of all bots and aspirants. For we shall victory, no matter the cost.

The Word of the Queen.


Forever shall she reign.

Forever like James?

Have you banished Dominant Slave Commander and his bot-aspirant AFK slave army from your ranks?


LOL how old is that screenshot?

And how salty are you?

You really this salty over a RP post? LOL.

Too good man.


I’m somewhat of a historian, you know? No salt here. If Aiko-chan removed all these toxic, hostile and subverting elements from her entourage, everything is perfectly fine and good. :slight_smile:

In other words, you’re trolling cause you know how old that pic is and it isn’t relevant today.

Got it :smiley:

In other words I am asking a serious question regarding the integrity of the reign of Aiko-chan. If you can’t see beyond your firestained blinkers, I feel genuine pity for you. :slight_smile:


You aren’t tho. Or else you wouldn’t share such an old pic, before Trigs and before CODE fell apart.

So, yes, you are trolling.

I mean, you didn’t really expect to be taken seriously right?

The fact that the RP provoked you into trolling is just chef’s kiss tho :smiley:

They ganked you without even ganking you in game bruv :smiley:

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It’s C&P. What else other than drawing entertainment from people’s posts is this forum about?


Yea, and you just provided high quality salt.

You got ganked bruv :smiley:

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