Princess Aiko Danuja Honoured in Amarr

Amarr (AP) - Princess Aiko Danuja was recently the guest of honour at the Emperor’s Family Residence. The pretendress Catiz was brought out in her gilded cage, trembling in fear, as elite Agents of the New Order solemnly intoned the CODE before a crowd of unwashed peasant miners. The Princess Aiko then ascended the throne of Amarr and daintly consumed grapes whilst sipping a cup of spiced wine, before remarking that Amarr does not deserve any gold at all. Recent reports indicate that the gilded facade of the system’s various space stations has been stripped away, revealing the rotten core underneath. A small ring of frozen corpses can also be seen in orbit around each station, a stern reminder that the New Order will not tolerate dissent from the rabble.



Calm down miner, your ignorance is to be kept to yourself and not made public.

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Now you’ve done it Code. scum.
Considering how my cousin Amarrians are extremely attached to their claims of title and legitimacy, I hope you are prepared of their incendiary responses.
Also, @Alar_Chakaid.

I am sure they cry and gnash their teeth, knowing that their loved ones have accreted into a disc orbiting the station, but that is justice and they will know the law.

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No, seriously: Who?

I mean, it’s CODE. They’re basically MiniLuv’s self-aggrandizing-but-utterly-insignificant retarded stepchild. The next time they matter will be the first time.


Calm down miner. I know this is hard for you, but it is important to control your emotions.

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Arrendis, you’re entirely spot on about CODE’s insignificance.

That’s why you shouldn’t feed the troll.
When Ms. Danuja and her lackeys can grow a brain cell or three to rub together, maybe they can join the rest of us in discussion. In the meantime, let the thread die. The attention is what this worthless troll wants.


Such strong emotions from the miners today! They profess to have no knowledge of the CODE, yet their bitter words and actions betray the truth, that they know very well what the CODE is. Tis strange, that such an ‘insignificant’ law is so well known by the miners, but perhaps they merely pretend. Indeed, tis verily so, for the CODE conquers all, and the miners know they are subjugated and yoked by the law.

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You wouldn’t be a princess anymore if you’d ascended the throne. You’d be an Empress. Right? Otherwise not a bad post - for a criminal.

Are you suggesting that criminals have inferior posting skills? Do law-abiders make better posts?

I’ve seen skillful wordsmithing and utter drivel from both sides of the fence, tbh.

As for Princess Danuja - I don’t know her, I’m not her ally nor her supporter. But I have heard of her. I can’t say the same for the others posting in the thread. Just sayin’.


There is no Amarr empire, of course. Sitting atop the throne of that ancient realm does not grant any special power or status, it is simply a relic of times gone by. As you well know, the New Order disbanded the Ammarian dynasty and imprisoned the pretendress Catiz. Praise be upon King James for his benevolent and merciful reign! ONE THOUSAND YEARS!

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…You seem to suffer from some kind of delusion.
Faulty cloning perhaps?

The people who need to know who I am, do. Those who don’t, I don’t give a damn about.

I think you are bluffing miner.

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That’s nice.

I think you care what I think, and that’s why you are posting here.

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Feel free to think whatever you like.

I do. Of course I do, little bear.

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Why only a thousand years, though, criminal? Why not make it a million, since you’re living in the fairy-land of your own imagination within the fairy-land of Eve Online? James could reign there for untold Aeons. Eternally, even. Your imagination is the limit.