An Open Letter to the Citizens of New Eden

To all citizens of New Eden,
The topic I am writing to you about today has the potential to affect all of us. The effects of the recent purchase of CCP games by Pearl Abyss have the potential to ruin this universe that we have all made our home over the last 15 years.
Pearl Abyss has a history of over monetizing its fan base and this could rapidly become the norm with eve online (or it could kill this game). In light of this, the community, the people who ultimately keep the lights on at CCP HQ need to respond. We cannot sit by as a new publisher drives our game into the ground with excessive micro-transactions.
I cannot and will not advocate for dropping our Omega subscriptions as a course of action as this will tell CCP (and Pearl Abyss) that we do not want this game to continue to operate.
What I will advocate is changing our subscription type to the one month variety. It is my hope that CCP and Pearl will notice this change and that it will send a message that we, the community, do not have faith that Pearl Abyss’ business strategy will not poison New Eden. And, in the event that they do not notice, or refuse to acknowledge our lack of faith, this course of action will allow us to rapidly cut financial support as a whole in the worst-case scenario of core game systems being locked behind unavoidable micro-transactions.
What we should not do is run around like chickens with out heads cut off claiming that the world is coming to an end, even if it may well be. Cautious and calculated responses are the only way we are going to be able keep the game that we love alive and in its current state.


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