Analysis failed? Really?

Come on! Do I need a NASA-grade precision scroll wheel to align the transits? Eh…


This is why i don’t do that ■■■■.


I had one where there were no samples at all, and I had marked nothing. No green or red anywhere on the graph. Still, Analysis Failed. Strange, but it only happened once so far.

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I share your irritation.

It takes all my strength to remember we’re contributing to science and I should therefore not submit maliciously inaccurate analysis in retaliation.


It looks like your fold was not precise enough.

Although i too dislike examples where dip is at the very edge - got me angry a few times.


Such a “failure” isn’t that bad though. It says “failed” because it isn’t perfect, but it’s still good.
I don’t know how it actually works internally, but my observations are as follows. Accuracy rating changes depending not on success or failure of analysis, but on the actual percentage of transits found, found incorrectly or missed. So, for instance, if you find exactly half of the transits, the accuracy rating will stay the same despite it being a “failure”.
You have got several misses among a large number of correctly marked transits. Because of that, while it says “failed”, the accuracy rating most likely still went up, even if by a little less than usual.
In turn, reward for a completed sample depends only on the accuracy rating, not on success or failure in analysing this specific sample. So difficult cases like this one are infuriating, but aren’t a problem for overall progress.
On the other hand, if you’re not sure about a sample, you always can just drop it and get a different one by closing and reopening the window.
I personally get this specific problem sometimes, but very rarely though. Maybe you do need to just be a little more careful.


I agree; I’ve found that if you get the majority of the transits in the sample correct, your score remains unchanged, perhaps goes up for an example like the OP.

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Yup, for all we know it is something never seen before that the software cannot handle.

Maybe OP discovered Goon space? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s true, my accuracy actually went up by more than 1% after this one as technically I got it right, just my fold wasn’t precise enough as Ms Steak said.

Oh well. One down, 6 845 to go :see_no_evil:

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