And they are trying to RECRUIT people? Really?

I played EVE years ago, left, and now I’m back as an alpha.

I was flying around the other day, mining, and thinking that it would be nice to find a corp to join. I started reading the recruitment channel. One corp caught my eye, but I noticed that they require members to install Discord. Strange–I don’t remember requirements like that back in the day. Install this software or that, provide “full API,” etc. Seems like a lot of hoops to jump through just to play a game. I don’t want to have to install some 3rd party software I know nothing about. Especially software for talking to other people. I stutter in real life, and have no desire to talk to strangers over the internet while playing a game.

So I asked the person advertising his corp, “Why do you require members to install Discord?”

He answered: “Because I said so.”

I was surprised, and replied, "Rudeness is not necessary. As the kids say, ‘Whatever.’ "

A third person then jumped into the conversation, with a sarcastic remark that included the f-word.

Why? What’s the point of it all? In the recruitment channel, of all places. Being in the recruitment channel and advertising for your corp means you are trying to attract new members. Doesn’t it? Why be rude and vulgar for no reason?

When EVE’s player numbers eventually shrink so much that plug is pulled, it will be because of the immature people who make the game no longer fun.


Could be a few reasons. They might get enough takers already, they might be tired of answering the same question over and over again, day in and day out. Not an excuse of course, but at least a sort of explanation. You apparently didn’t get the memo that most veterans give to players which is “good God never ever go to the recruitment channel, its full of spammers and people that will take advantage of you”.

EVE survived over a decade with rude people in it. I doubt they’ll be the final nail in the coffin. EVE has enough to dissuade new players without rude people in the recruitment channel being a factor.

Used to be that HTFU was sort of a community motto.

Discord is pretty much free, cheaper then ts, and mumble and 10x better then msn messanger

The recruitment channel has ALWAYS been a garbage channel. My biggest criticism of CCP is that there is no good way to find a corp in EVE. If you got lucky and stumbled into a worthwhile corp, cool, but you probably won’t. If you’re liking EVE enough, PVP represents the closest thing to mastery in the game, that you know how to acquire resources and then how to use them. Build a good PVP record, and then research which corps seem worthwhile to you. And even then, it’s still a roll of the dice as to whether or not they’ll suck.

As far as discord… it wasn’t always discord but 3rd party comms of some kind has always been used by effective corps. They say it helps filter out spies (which I’m pretty sure is just wishful thinking), but more importantly, it keeps you in touch with your fleet if your client crashes and you need to relog. If you can’t at least listen on 3rd party comms, you can’t participate in fleets, there really isn’t any point in having you in the corp. On PVP ops, it’s actually preferable to not have anybody speaking except the FC, scouts, and certain specialists, but everybody needs to listen to orders.

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Joining someones elses corp is basically signing up to fight their own battles, which can be fun for a short time but get old super quick :slight_smile:

I think the assumption is that if you are legitimately trying to find a corp to join in the recruitment channel, then you’re an idiot and get treated like one.


Corporations and alliances use Discord as a much better alternative to older programs such as Jabber/Pidgin. It’s a good way of staying in touch with your corp/alliance and for posting information as it comes in. The full API key is so they can investigate your background in game and determine if you are a spy or an alt. For bigger alliances it is used to sign up for the alliance services which can include many features.

In a good corporation, participation and involvement is the key to success. I can understand you stutter and don’t want to talk much because of that, but I would recommend you try to overcome that and find a good group of people to play with.

I’m sorry some people were rude to you, but understand that saying you’re opposed to Discord/Teamspeak comes across to the recruiter that you don’t intend to be a part of the team. A good corporation will bend over backwards to help you succeed, but a good corporation will also give you the boot if you don’t integrate.

You get out of EVE what you put in, and if you give it a chance and jump through the couple hoops in the beginning, you might find that you have a blast playing EVE with your new corp-mates.

My corporation, RIOT, is recruiting by the way, and you can join our in-game channel “The Kings Head” and talk to one of us there if you want. I absolutely love this corp and all the people in it are good, mature, no-drama folks. But understand that Discord, TeamSpeak, a Full-API background check on all your accounts, and general integration/participation is absolutely non-negotiable.

Whether you show up or not, I hope that you have a good time playing EVE and stick around.


Because Discord is one of the most collaborative chat programs rn, also some alliance have background apps that are built into the discord api to allow for automatic fleet pings, security levels, and integration into alliance forum pages.

If you dont like what you see, move along to another group.

Also, HTFU

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A lot of the more serious corps (if not all) will demand you be available for coms, especially in the event of combat. You quite simply cannot coordinate an effective small gang or fleet without instantaneous voice communications. There’s a massive tactical difference between saying, “I’m pointed”, and typing it. A few seconds are more than enough to make the difference between someone getting there in time to give you assistance, and you just getting murdered. Voice coms are as much for your benefit as they are for the corp’s as a whole.

Additionally, your API is intel, and it’s not the only background check that a smart corp (the only corp worth joining) will make on you. In EVE Online, intel is life. This corp needs to know you’re not there to tear them asunder, steal their assets, or just spy for an opposing force and feed them information passively under the radar.

And yes, they recruit, and they get numbers, because they’re worth joining, and there are plenty of honest players with nothing to hide, so they get numbers. You don’t have to be amongst those numbers, but that’s a choice you make when you choose to refuse the conditions of entry, in much the same was as denying the terms of service of a video game will mean you don’t get to play it. These corps belong to someone else, and you don’t get to dictate how they run their membership.

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People in corps have become a lot more serious. Right down to what you are allowed and are not allowed to fly. I play eve to have fun not listen to some egotistical little douche bag dictating what I can and cannot and what I must and must not do. Which is why I am in a one man corp.

However even the past TeamSpeak was mandatory for ops and back then I was OK with Installing it. But recently… it is now a must to be online. It also help coordinate better and faster when in ops. For normal corp live? I could not care at all.

Mind sending the name of the corp that was so rude?


Meh, don’t lets mother humpers bother you, lots of unhappy folks who like to dump their anger about, plenty of corps out there.


Simple, they want to give you orders. Imagine person like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket sitting on the other side. You would not be wrong is some cases.

You know what to expect. :wink:


Oxymoron of the year.

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yeah I love those replies. it says im a nobody in real life but here I have power! I am a king and you have to be my slaves and pay me isk and do as I say!

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I feel you, but you just have to realize they are dicks (the world is full of them), and just move on.

When I was looking for a corp, I too saw that practically every one of them required me to turn over API keys. That’s something I won’t do, so I just moved on. I came here to play a game, not get a colonoscopy where everyone and their mother wants to snoop up my rear end.

For the record, one large corp that doesn’t require API keys is Pandemic Horde, and I’m sure there are others.

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Welcome to 2018. This is people online.

To be fair on the Discord side of things, chat clients like Teamspeak were a requirement of the raiding guilds I belonged to over a decade ago.

Many Welps! Handle it!

Thats what you get for trying to hang out with strangers.

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After mah chicken…

–Gadget Jenkins

because joining a corp means corp communication, that’s why.