Conversation with admitted spy about Discord

After questioning why every corporation requires some use of discord in the English Recruiting channel, I was private messaged by Yagas Endashi who claimed to be a spy recruiter. The copy and paste buffer was not able to hold the entire conversation so the first few lines were sadly lost. Watch for well known disinformation techniques, including dodging of questions, reflecting scrutiny back on asker of the question, misuse of the word paranoia.

From April 19, 2021:
Ax Wutend > it integrates with eve in every case so your eve account is known to discords corporation owners and sold to people etc
Yagas Endashi > Oh nah you don’t have to do that only if someone uses an AUTH bot
Yagas Endashi > so you could look for corps without auth bots
Ax Wutend > all corps ive used have had me auth to discord with my eve account as a requirement
Yagas Endashi > Wb making an alt discord account?
Yagas Endashi > that way it doesn’t matter if it’s publiv
Ax Wutend > i hate logging into tons of different stuff already its burdensom unfun
Yagas Endashi > Yeah it is a bit of a pain in the arse
Ax Wutend > why do people even spy whats in it for them? it just ruins your account
Ax Wutend > make friends betray them, yawn
Yagas Endashi > doesn’t ruin your account really. You just sell info really
Yagas Endashi > most spies are never caught really
Ax Wutend > i understand its part of game
Ax Wutend > and life
Ax Wutend > but really, do you really think police and military and privatesec and cults -don’t- work for discord company and get backchannel information already that effects game?
Yagas Endashi > Ye spying is a huge deal the amount of information that is used
Ax Wutend > in that case the spying is automatic if you use discord
Yagas Endashi > Almost everything you do in null-sec is spy related
Yagas Endashi > and what do you mean by automatic?
Ax Wutend > things like facbook twitter reddit all have law enforcement backdoors wehre all data can be read by companies like palantir and sold to privatre companies, you have no privacy, all data on things like discord is sold to highest bidder
Ax Wutend > its common knowledge how could anyone not know that
Yagas Endashi > I know what you mean now I just didn’t understand what you said. I mean why do you care if someone looks at your discord which is just looking at pings or whatever
Yagas Endashi > You can’t really escape it at this point unfortunately
Ax Wutend > that is a naive question from a spymaster but ill answer it
Ax Wutend > what if iRL someone is an enemy of the state or a corporation? an activist against a company like monsanto or microsoft? they could harass them in game. So could a romantic stalker, or ex-members ofa cult
Ax Wutend > “cant escape it” that is a totalitarian system, that has total control, that sees everything, where you have no privacy
Yagas Endashi > I mean it’s possible but never heard of that happening I would be more concerned of the state using it against me.
Ax Wutend > giving up rights to play a video game, maybe some want to do that, but to say it is a heresy for someone not to want to do that, i think is pretty sick and a way to bully people, and abuse them
Yagas Endashi > Do you think that someone will do something to you IRL for what EVE corp you’re in?
Ax Wutend > those who have no uncomfortable opinions will never notice it, but those who take a stand for good ideas, will be attacked for their beliefs
Ax Wutend > it could happen that someone could harass you in real life as extention of game, yes, and discord would make that very easy if someone had enough money to buy data from discord
Ax Wutend > but more likely and more often is, and i think ive experienced this, certain entities would use eve to gather information on certain people, and harass them in game because they are part of a different RL faction
Ax Wutend > you could be doing that to me right now, consider you have a throwaway and this account ive put hundreds of hours into.
Yagas Endashi > Really? I’ve never had anything happen to my discord or anything.
Yagas Endashi > and I mean if you want to be a spy sure thing I am not going to screw you over for it :smiley:
Ax Wutend > if you stole structures from a corp, and it cost them hundreds of billions, and someone had access to discord, and your phone number, they could slash your car tires, or worse
Ax Wutend > i did not say they would do something “to your discord” that would be silly
Ax Wutend > for a spy you are pretty dense about these things
Ax Wutend > im not trying to offend you
Yagas Endashi > idk I think you’re a bit paranoid about the possibilities of what could happen
Yagas Endashi > I mean anyone could come and kill me right now
Yagas Endashi > but it’s not going to happen
Ax Wutend > a spy calling someone paranoid lol pretty rich stuff
Ax Wutend > weakminded people tend to live in one of two worlds, one where everyone is out to get them, or that no one is, and refuse to engage in real talk about the actual possibilities
Yagas Endashi > I’ve seen all sorts of ■■■■ and people haven’t gone to hurt people irl
Yagas Endashi > The worst I think I have seen in EVE is hacking or spyware
Ax Wutend > or to assume all that is possible is what they have seen. or to tell people who are actually security researchers IRL what is possible and what is not
Ax Wutend > discord IS spyware
Yagas Endashi > alright well use it in a VM with a VPN
Ax Wutend > do you really not think police play this game? or that people in the military play this game? or that people who work for the company discord play this game?
Yagas Endashi > problem solved
Ax Wutend > the main feature people want is phone notifications from the app, the app is closed source, you have no right to your own phone once it is installed
Ax Wutend > potential for abuse is literally unlimited
Yagas Endashi > Well if you’re concerned don’t use it on your phone
Yagas Endashi > Using it on a VM + VPN is fine
Ax Wutend > it is irresponsible for me as someone with this knowledge not to warn others, and also, as something becomes the norm or accepted usage scenario, it ruins the game as some will feel forced to use something they think is bad
Ax Wutend > on one hand, though, those who work for the company discord and pay them for information, can spy on your corp in game for intel
Ax Wutend > on another hand, you still link your eve account to discord, and those outside the game who want to spy on you in game, or harass you in game, would be able to easily do so
Yagas Endashi > Well maybe I will have to look into that :wink:
Ax Wutend > if you want to be a real spy, yes
Yagas Endashi > If it’s a huge hole in security why don’t you use it then in EVE?
Ax Wutend > call up discord the company, see how much they charge for the chat logs of goonswarm, i bet there is a $ you could pay for real time access even
Ax Wutend > i dont undestand your question why not use what?
Yagas Endashi > I doubt they sell private message logs
Ax Wutend > everything for thes companies has a price, it is fact. but they don’t go around advertising that to everyone. plus if you work for the government, you have that level of access.
Ax Wutend > so if the u.s. military wanted to game the war between goons and papi, and study those who play, and gather information on players, who may work or other companies, or be interesting to the government, they can do so
Yagas Endashi > The US military can go what ever the ■■■■ they want and no one can stop them
Yagas Endashi > so nothing you can do about hat
Ax Wutend > of if you were a girl and i was a cop, they could use it for what is known as Love Int, to make it easy to hit on, or actually stalk someone, pretext them for relationship
Ax Wutend > i am saying this ‘do anyhting they want’ should be called into question, and one way of doing that is by questioning why discord is required for eve, ipso facto
Ax Wutend > this is likely happening in all major mmorpgs, steam etc, i have seen evidence for it
Ax Wutend > if it were on CNN that active military personel were paid to play videeo games to spy on people who play video g ames, do you think teh public would like that?
Ax Wutend > do you think that would be popular with eve players? do you think that is something a soldier should be doing? or a police officer?
Ax Wutend > or does everyone who asks these questions deserve to be censored, silence and kicked from game?
Yagas Endashi > Well it’s irrelevant whether I think so or not because they will anyway
Yagas Endashi > You can question all you want
Ax Wutend > can i?
Yagas Endashi > But it’s a bit pointless because even if you prove it it will stop nothing
Ax Wutend > doesn’t feel like it. everywhere i ask these questions i am treated badly.
Ax Wutend > i think a lot of people would change their attitude about game, their security practices, maybe stop using…discord
Ax Wutend > otherwise governmetn agents take over the corps, and then they boot people from the corps who ask questions like i do, which is i think what is already happening to me, quite frankly
Yagas Endashi > Well I’m going to go as I have stuff to do. You can keep campaigning I guess but the discord train has set uoff there is nothing you can do to stop that
Ax Wutend > you sound like a government agent. if you are not one, you are certainly doing their job for them.
Yagas Endashi > Well now you’re definitely being paranoid hahaha
Yagas Endashi > get off EVE friend
Ax Wutend > gatehr information, tell people it is hopeless to question the norm
Yagas Endashi > go and relax
Yagas Endashi > Have a nice day
Yagas Endashi > 0/
Ax Wutend > call people who ask questions crazy, tell them to leave the internet
Ax Wutend > taht is the standard script.
Ax Wutend > for a spymaster you sure are naive as hell
Yagas Endashi > You’ve gone from saying that discord is out to get you to I am out to get you
Ax Wutend > but i dont think you really are. it is just what you play in eve.
Yagas Endashi > Well I’m done got better things to do
Ax Wutend > didn’t say that. by spy on me, perhaps. but that serves those who may be out to get me, i can’t really know.
Yagas Endashi > like spying! :smiley:
Ax Wutend > it all feeds the skynet monster
Yagas Endashi > lol

lol, indeed.
I am fifty/fifty whether or not Eve will censor this, but censorship of this topic would indicate that the questions being asked have worst-case-scenario answers that the ccp as a company requires you to remain ignorant of. In which case, what you know as eve is an elaborate way to entrap intelligent people in a managed narrative and the entire ‘player run’ economy and world is farcical, and eve is not even a game, it is a way for players to be spied on and harassed by real world entities.
My recent peresonal experiences in game support the view that real world entities control corporations and use real world prejudices and political evaluations to exclude people from content or punish them for wrongthink.
If so, it is very likely not limited to eve, and some players are payed to “play” eve to generate real world outcomes, that include psychological attacks on some players using in-game methods.
Which is quite evil.
Discuss, or prove I am correct with censorship.



Did you actually think anyone was going to read all that cow dung? :roll_eyes:

Who… cares?

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I prefer the simplicity of wow sometimes. There the corporate (well guild) drama is jsut how much the leader will hook up there other half. Trade my drop to your other half when its not their gear that sucks but their skill at the class/spec? I don’t think so…

Here…it seems real world entities are infiltrating eve corps?

Some bit about paid military and gaming…Umm…that’s the army looking at imo interesting and innovative recruiting. Same with their drag team sponsorships. Gets the name out. In cool ways.

It seems better than more traditional means. I did recruiters assistance once when I was in the Marines. Walking around malls and giving out flyers sounds good on paper. Real world…when the recruiter is on your butt when no contacts from it daily sucks.

I got real “lucky”. The area I was sent to missed numbers quotas for 2 quarters before I even showed up. More butt chewings in a few weeks there than in 3 months of boot camp damn near lol.

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Wtf this mentalism?

I’m the head spy here to condense this. … tldr Discord and Alliance auth with api key is a way to spy on players who don’t deactivate them when they are done applying to corps.

Eh, thats why you don’t give them anything important like access to mails, wallet transactions,contacts and location, basically, if any corp is being that invasive, just flip them the bird as you moonwalk out of the conversation

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That’s why I’m not joining a corp. It’s a game for Pete’s Sake, not applying for a f-ing credit card!

I agree.

Still, I don’t even use Discord, Facebook or any of those platforms, don’t do any online banking or anything like that. Don’t even have a smart phone or mobile these days, that way when I’m out nobody can get hold of me.

Plus, I tend to use cash where I can. That way they don’t know what I spend my money on.

Just remember ‘Big Brother’s, watching’. :wink:


Almost all corporations are that invasive. At least in nullsec.

Here’s the thing.

All that “invasive stuff” does exactly one thing: it catches the stupid people. There’s a saying - Prisons are full of stupid criminals. That applies here, too. If you’re trying to run a spy account and it is even tangentially related to any of your other accounts then you have already failed.

A clean account is just that - clean. There will be no wallet entries, no messages, no shared chat channels, no contracts, no nothing linking that clean account to any of your others, so refusing to share information is just a giant red flag. As a potential spy, you should be happy to share it to “prove” you’re not up to anything malicious.

I am astounded that anybody is willing to share any information at all with the corporate petty tyrant dictators in this game. It is like they think they are applying for a job and so they have no choice but to consent to have drug tests, credit checks, background checks, etc., etc.

It’s a game? The information doesn’t matter, none of it is real anyway. You’re sharing made up information about a fictional persona, and things that affect that in-game persona.

And if you don’t want to share what is the information equivalent of shaking a scrabble box and sharing the first seven letters you pick - don’t? It’s not rocket science.

Oh no you can see my in game mails - you’ll discover the hideous secret that my short term memory sucks so I have to mail lists of ■■■■ to buy to my Jita alt so I don’t forget something.

A lot of powerful men have written me poems, love letters, and desperate pleas for attention. For one billion isk, I will let you read my EVEmails for 10 minutes.

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its why i don’t do anything with the blue circle jerk

She does not a lie tell.