And yes, we are announcing big content updates for Fanfest. It’s the largest one probably that we’ve ever done

I’m just bursting with all the new content I’m now enjoying, I fell like I should be paying triple for this stuff. I also heard that CCP now has a very rudimentary version of a fraction of what the Unreal Engine implements so everything is now on the table. It’s only been two decades, can you guys imagine what they’ll release after the next two decades?!? /sarcasmFuelledByFalseExpectations

Best thing I’ve heard from CCP this year is that they actually followed up on the Ukraine charity, so kudos to them for that.

No you didn’t miss it, they lied. They lie as a matter of fact. It’s standard practice for most businesses now. If they didn’t lie they’d be out of business.

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Greed. Not more complicated than that. That’s what sinks most businesses: the idea to make it rich in a few days so they start selling regular chairs for 200 each and a dining set for 899, 99 table not included.



The 14 core skills should be removed and added to all ship stats as standard i reckon.

To do something can take up to about a year and that is just long. What person in their right mind will actually be happy to wait an entire year for anything in a game? An entire fking year :laughing: waiting… oh yeah basically noone.

“But that’s fine because when i was 18 and living in my mums basement, i had to “earn” my sht and travel for skill books” - the eve playerbase


hi, so i’m just coming to eve and i’m learning as fast as I can. I’m not sure what to take from that image? Does this mean the skill points I am learning right now don’t matter and will be erased? Does that mean I wasted money on plex to buy skill injectors?
Also, the video just above my post is wrong. I came to eve 1 week ago today, and for the first 6 days I got ads that I had to click off every time i logged in that came with skill points and fully fit ships. Destroyers, mining barges etc.

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I suspect the real issue is that an economy kept going more and more by free ISK was never really long term sustainable in the first place. You can end up having more ‘value’ in the game than what people have actually paid for. It was always inevitable that one day CCP would have to increase the real money and diminish the fake money. It was inevitable the minute people started being able to make free ISK from Alpha accounts and thus generate in-game money with no real world money input. It was inevitable the minute people started being able to PLEX their Omega accounts with ‘free’ in-game money. I’m surprised that anyone is surprised by this. The wonder is that it all lasted so long like that.

Seen in that context, CCP is making the right changes for the game’s survival.

I don’t think fake game money was the matter. It became a problem when CCP genius tied isk and PLEX together. Then the fake money became a problem because it could be used to buy real money in the form of PLEX.
It’s a huge mess created by greed alone.

Get rid of PLEX, return EVE’s economy to fake money and the market will balance itself once greed is taken out of the equation, once PLEX can’t be bought with isk.


dont be silly just kill 100npc’s per hour to keep the skills training. Nightmare scenerio xD

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There should be no free skill training with Omega.

Skills should only be available through injector sales.

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Tell me your secret how you train for free on a paid acct.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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It’s partly CCP’s fault for letting it happen. But it is every bit as much the fault of everyone who wants endless stuff ‘free’ in Eve and who have thus generated trillions of free ISK that have no real money counterpart. You thus end up with a game where there is more content than people are actually paying for. It’s not so much the ISK converted to PLEX that’s the issue, but the trillions of free ISK that clog up the economy in the form of ships, fittings, etc that nobody has actually paid for…and which reduce the need for anyone to actually pay anything. That’s a guaranteed way for a company to go bust.

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So you make a lot of assumptions in defense of CCP (as usual). Which is fine, just be aware you’re whistling in the dark about what you want to believe, not about anything economically factual.

Firstly, inflation is most significant to companies that have supply lines, transportation costs, and ship actual physical products. None of which apply to a virtual commodity. Impacts on IT service companies have been fairly minimal, in some cases even positive.

Second, the dollar has been rising against Icelandic currency for years (except for a period in 2020).

Thirdly, you can blame one company for raising prices if they’re the standout among several hundred other similar companies that didn’t raise their price.

Fourth, you can blame the company for stupidity if raising price is going to cost them subs and players at a time when, due to several years of mismanagement of their client base, they’re already at their lowest point.

Fifth, if the case can reasonably be made that offering sales or a reduced price would have encouraged more subs, alts and returning players, then the decision to raise prices is doubly foolish.

Sixth, if it presents a barrier to new players (“why am I paying more for this game than any other I play? Is it providing more for me than those other games? Do I have to pay this higher amount for years to see any real results?”) then CCP is basically burning the bridges to the future of EVE.

If they had combined it with some massive new set of improvements to the game, perhaps this could have been accepted better. However all they did was make a bunch of vague “cool stuff later, really. Trust us. We’re CCP” promises. Which we’ve all heard before, to little result.

I’d be happy to see CCP doing better and making more money, but as it stands the company is truly it’s own worst enemy.


True true, but the real overhead is paying back their investors because the investors are paying development salaries.
Right now I’m struggling to see the forever part of EVE Forever because the dynamics of Power are unstable.
It is an electric universe folks.

It’s called delusion and it’s very common. Like those guys who think mined resources are free or those who think there’s an endless supply of new players to bully.

Talking of bullies… where’s Gix?


so you’re saying that i’m not paying more for electricity, and neither is CCP? Amazing, let me call the electric company and my bank to report the extra cost as fraud then.

Anyone who starts a post with those three words can be ignored with no loss to the continuity of the thread.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Sarcasm isn’t a good replacement for common sense.

I don’t know what you’re paying for electricity, nor what CCP is paying.

I know I’m actually paying less for electricity, a bit more for food because fewer sales lately, about the same on gas (higher price, less driving). And my rent, internet, cell phone, other utilities are all the same as before.

One IT service company that I’ve done work for has about 10% higher expenses than before, and two companies are paying significantly less because they’ve been able to downsize office space and cut transportation costs due to work at home and virtual meetings etc.

Inflation news makes a lot of noise lately, that doesn’t mean it applies everywhere to everything. I certainly haven’t heard about any 20% cost-of-living salary increases at CCP.

Regardless of their actual accounting bottom line, it was foolish of CCP to top off the past 2 years of bumbling with vague “biggest announcement evar!” hype and a significant price increase. It’s extremely unlikely (in my opinion) that this move will help them cover any additional costs they’re facing. It’s almost certain to lose them more subs and players than net a significant profit.

It’s highly likely that “because inflation” was simply the easiest excuse to point the finger at for a price increase they had already decided on for other reasons.