Andromeda Mining and industry Reboot [EU/UK TZ]

Greetings Pilot

I hope this post finds you well

I am Zuzz Nox, recruiter for ANMIO (Andromeda Mining and Industry) and we currently looking to recruit again. Our corp went inactive for awhile and currently only have couple active members and with some older members wanting to get back into corp.


We are mining and industry based corp living in null sec Providence. If you looking for PVP action then we have access to allied chat for roaming fleet if up or reds do pass by. We do not own in space structure(s) or station(s) however are we planning to get one for Industry Jobs. We have an alliance owned Citadel in system however are able to dock and use most service(s) at allied structures such as CVA, AFK or Care Factor with +10 blue status.

We have good access to ratting sites and mining anom(s) in our system and of course good access to other system(s) if need be with access to Intel channels. We are corp looking to assist one another with projects in building and to restarting our ore buy back so if you are a Alpha or Omega looking to be apart of something new again or just take it easy making isk in null sec then send me a mail or chat me up. :grinning:

CVA friendly
NRDS - Not Red Don’t Shoot

  • 8% corp tax
  • Offer a ore buy back in null sec
  • Jump freighter service to and from Home system >> High Sec
  • Good ratting index and mining content in sov upgraded systems
  • Option to join other allies fleets for defending structures or roaming within Proviblock

If interested, please join AMnI Lounge or mail me for further information or even join me at Discord

Zuzz Nox
ANMIO Recruiter
Andromeda Mining and Industry


We at the moment do not have any requirements and will do our best to assist with your move into our Home system. We also do not have specific Time Zone of Group however in the past most them have been EU/UK based +1/+2 GMT time

ANMIO wants you!!

Update recruitment post. Alpha clones and Omega clones welcomed.

Zuzz Nox

We are still looking new miners and industry players or even PVE pilots

Hi guys,
We are a corporation that likes to set up Joint-Operations with other groups to run fleets inside wormhole space. If you are interested in something like this, Feel free to reach out anytime it’s convenient for you!

Sub Inc. - Undocking is our Specialty

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Please join us at our for Discord server ANMIO lounge

To speak to me possibly joining or just have chat about your day

Thank you

Looking like minded miners and industry pilots to join our reborn corp. Either mail in game, leave a message here or join our Discord chat again


We still looking for mining and industry pilots to join our ranks in null sec Providence

Mark up

Where is my miners and industry pilots at :sunglasses:

living the dream. here in our home busting rocks, melting rats, smelting ore and building it all.

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Good evening or rather good morning :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you guys still seeking new memebers?
Im starting to get bored to be alone, and just returned to EVE after a loong looong break.
I do have my own corp atm, which im the only one in.

Have 26mill SP

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Hey @To_kra_tu

Most certainly, as EVE was not really meant to played alone and we are most certainly still looking for more active Miners/Industry and PvE Pilots will to move to Null Sec to join our lil mining fleet(s).

Cozy and friendly I would like to think

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daily bump, still looking for recruits

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Still looking for one or two miners here

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