Andromeda Mining and industry Reboot 2.0 [EU/UK TZ]

Greetings Pilots

I am Andromeda Rin or just Rin, I am returning player and CEO of Andromeda Mining and Industry.

We are looking once again to recruit into our ranks like minded pilots interested mining, industry and PVE with dash of PVP

We are currently operating out of Dital High Sec and once we have enough member, move into null sec Placid.

If interested, please join AMnI Lounge or mail me for further information or even join me at Discord

CVA Friendly
8% corp tax


We at the moment do not have any requirements and will do our best to assist with your move into our Home system. We also do not have specific Time Zone of Group however in the past most pilot have been EU/UK based +1/+2 GMT base

We are currently looking for pilots to join our lil fleet o7


Still Looking for some future corpies

Any old players looking to get into corp with some mining boosts, chill or even have up a good chat… Join our discord channel

Still Looking for some future corpies

We still currently for any interested pilot willing to add to ranks. Thank you

Looking for some like minded pilots interested to join us and work close to CVA

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