Annotated Pochven map

An annotated map of Pochven and some observations:

  • All home systems are A0s.
  • Borders are the six O1s. They are also all Caldari systems.
  • Perun and Veles got an extra A0, but there wasn’t enough to give Svarog one.
  • B0s and G5s appear to be roughly divided between the Clades.
  • Veles has an extra A0; Svarog has two B0s where Veles has just one. Perun has both and extra A0 and two B0s.
  • Systems from different nations have mostly been kept together, but for some reason Ignebaener gets to sit with the Caldari and Tunudan has been sent to to the Amarr corner.


My bet is they didn’t eat their greens.

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Nice map but seems to be upside down to match icons on filaments (and region name).

There’s no up in space so I can do it every which way I like.

I had not noticed to CONCORD convention, I admit… so I used the one on other capsuleer maps. Then again, I also use the convention of Mikramurka coastal maps where the ocean is down, rather than global south, so I guess I’m a repeat offender.

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