Just got back from my vacation in Pochven!

I never thought I’d be glad to see the skies of Amarr space, but honestly, upon returning, my first thought was “Colour! At last!”

Pochven is a very dark and creepy-looking place. Not as dangerous as has been made out, although I might have gotten lucky. I considered staying for a bit, but the dark red light was getting on my nerves, so I went once around the loop, set up a bunch of safe spots in case I ever go mad and decide to go back there, and filamented back into Empire space.

Here’s some snapshots I got while I was there:

Star with a triangular flare

Close-up of a star, you can see the jet coming out of it. I was trying to get a shot of a Dazh Liminality Locus, but the Trigs showed up and I legged it.

A dark and creepy planet in a dark and creepy system.

Triglavian stargate, powered by three black holes at the corners.


Though they obviously resemble a black hole at first, it’s interesting to note that Triglavian power spheres are in fact a bit different - they operate on a basis of isogen criticality, so far as we can tell breaking down isogen-10 into a far more unstable and energetic material (which we can only presume to be isogen-5) and causing a small-scale criticality event that essentially breaks spacetime, emitting an enormous amount of energy endlessly (something I can’t help but think of in relation to the EVE Gate stellar anomaly), all the while being contained fully by what looks like an “event horizon”, which is in fact more of a field in which the criticality is cradled.

On Triglavian ships, a singular “ball” is slowly and controlledly dilated in order to increase weapon power output, through the use of rods that seem to be used to produce a limited tug on spacetime (begging an interesting comparison to Drifter propulsion systems, as well as ancient examples of Yan Jung Thunder Kites).

It’s fascinating technology, really - and only makes me even more interested in what else the Triglavians may know, what their Drifter cousins know, and what else we’re all missing in their whole story…


What I’m curious about is: just how well do the empires and Upwell understand those Isogen reactors? I mean, we have full specifications and blueprints on them. We build them ourselves, as capsuleers, but I highly doubt any of us understand what actually makes them work.

The empires took that even further, improving on Triglavian designs to produce ships like the Ikitursa and Zarmazd. I cannot imagine that they did that without making damned sure to understand what makes that Iso-reaction tick.


The mechanics are easily understood for any competent engineer or even industrialists who know the details of their craft well enough, though the science behind Iso-5 is a bit of a mystery. We can make it work, but we don’t know how it works, it would seem.

We certainly don’t know how it works on a sun-sucking-scale as the Trigs do anyway…

To anyone who’s been to their space, seen it with their own two eyes, it’s… It’s something else, something desolate and alien. Barren, hostile to levels we hadn’t yet experienced - and not simply due to the natives. We should be doing everything we can to prevent that scourge happening to our home stars, those who see appeal in such devoid systems need their clones checked. There’s nothing to be gained from these aliens beyond he suffering of our people.

Pochven’s transit should be watched and guarded far more than it is by factional police…


Exactly my point. Hell, I’ve built Leshaks. But we’ve had the means to do that for years now. I doubt the empires were willing to say ‘Eh, we’ll just it’s magnets’ or something when it comes to Iso-5. It’d be one thing if we only had one example reactor to work with, say, the Kikimora… but we don’t. We have seven different models with seven different levels of power output.

And then we made four more. The Ikitursa’s reactor puts out 7% more power than the Vedmak’s. It’d be tempting to say ‘oh, well, they just cribbed bits from the Drekavac’s reactor’, but it’s not like ill-understood reactors are just mix-and-match like that. To scale it up just a little, they need to understand the physics of what’s happening inside it.


Short-sighted. Narrow-minded. And so, so, wrong.

You do not live here like we do. You do not engage with the Collective like we do.

You know less than nothing and you are summarily unqualified to pass judgment.


No, she engages with the Collective properly… at gunpoint.


Justify Skarkon, Krirald and the tens of other systems conquered by your edgy new friends, justify those dwelling there losing their lives and any survivors losing all touch with that outside their systems. Justify the need to take our systems by force, by bloodshed in an already bloody-enough quadrant.

I struggle very much to those who were so quick to see New Eden plunged into chaos to help appease these destructive invaders. Especially when they chose my home as a place to land their invasions…


A senior member of Ushra’Khan condemning the language of bloodshed is risible, not least as those who have been paying attention these last decades understand it to be your organisation’s mother tongue.

No flimsy justification can ameliorate the kybernauts’ part in what has been done, your best case scenario should they offer one is utter farce.

And someone who done their fair share of murderous killing to try and ensure an entire planet was enslaved shouldn’t be calling out anyone either. Your ■■■■ doesn’t exactly smell like primroses, go pester Pol or something.

I must confess more than a little amusement, both at the redundant adjective; and how completely you failed to grasp my meaning.

I didn’t fail to grasp your intent, I just chose to not rise to it directly. Yourself in general I’ve little interest in discussing anything with, especially your views on myself or our alliance, despite how hard you try and call me out here - making new threads just to do so for example? It’s sad, Yassavi, go play your games with someone who actually cares to hear your opinion.

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Explaining that I am in fact a murderous murderer, thus ineligible to ‘call anyone out’— what a sublimely… oblique machination on your part,

Your alliance, so proud of the fact of its history, is rather circumspect when it comes to the substance of it; a past steeped in degenerate offshoots, perverse ideologies, and rivers of blood; Minmatar, and Amarr. The past is not in question, singly or collectively; it was raised to illustrate a simple point, that those you castigate wield atrocity with the same comfort you always have, and vastly greater ability.

You Ferra Orta are a hypocrite, sniveling in the attempt to invoke morality so late in the day because you are weaker than your adversary.

Ferra Orta, Saronu Yassavi, would you two please stop arguing? This was supposed to be me sharing my vacation photos, not you two arguing about whatever pisspot tyrannical lunatics you’re currently following and how many people they’ve had killed. We’re capsuleers, we’re all, as you put it, murderous murderers.


Hear, hear.

My apologies, N’reylla.


There is a certain, unworldly beauty to those pictures. Quite stunning, but also foreboding and hostile. Must have been quite an amazing tip!

It was pretty good, but a little stressful. From what I’d heard about it, I was half expecting a Triglavian fleet to pop up out of nowhere and shoot the hell out of me! The dark and dim lighting didn’t help, it got on my nerves after a while. Glad to be back in the land of colour!


Justify Caldari Prime. Justify the Reclamations. Justify the Elder War. The Triglavians have just done what all the other empires did- but on a shorter timescale. I’m not saying the Triglav aren’t a problem, all I’m saying is that the other empires aren’t much better.

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