Announcing Our New Athounon Freeport

Saisieni, capsuleers:

It’s my honor and pleasure to introduce Suroken National’s next bold leap into the future. At 0200 hours NEST the final reactor bootstrap was completed for our brand new Upwell freeport in the Athounon system.

This Astrahus is located very close to the new Samanuni gate and will provide a number of valuable services to the public. Jump clones and recloning contracts are available on site from our cutting edge medical laboratories. Tether and freeport services are available to all pilots not hostile to the Caldari State or State Protectorate.

This location is prime for pilots looking to perform jump logistics to or from Placid, Black Rise, Syndicate or the null security regions, shaving jump distance to Jita 4-4 and saving time and fuel while safely on tether in sight of a hisec gate. It will also be useful for miners looking to safely deposit ore for State construction efforts and State Protectorate data couriers outbound to Samanuni.

Travellers will find the station stocked with comfortable amenities, including hotels, a starlight holotheater, a restaurant food court and even a traditional Caldari tea house built to host both homecomings and capsuleers on the last jump before the wild frontier.

For SNC, this citadel will serve primarily as a logistics depot for cryo products, but also comes equipped for cryostatic hospice and cold storage. Some might question whether a hospital facility in the MWPA warzone is secure enough: I reply that this is where it’s needed most.

That’s why for a limited time only all Caldari Navy, Caldari Army, State Protectorate and associated contractors can receive 50% off medical care on the orbital, including cryostatic hospice, backup and recovery contracts. The cluster is becoming a scarier place and war is on the horizon. Now is the time to make a choice for the future. Choose Forever ™ today and let us protect your future.

Imawa Muutaras
CEO, Suroken National Cryonics


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