Announcing the Build the Gate Competition!

Help build the Gallente Stargate and win prizes!
Have the most Gallente tokens at the end of the event to WIN!!!
BONUS for successfully completing the gate!
YOU keep your tokens AND win PRIZES!

Collect Gallente tokens. At the end of the event contract all your tokens to Ashterothi for 1 Trillion ISK. I will count your tokens and you will win accordingly. You keep to tokens!


Moved into correct Category.

Fair cop.

Will we get the isk also if gallente looses?

Update: Yes prizes still goes out even if the gate is not built

It will continue until the end of the event

I will accept tickets, ships, and ship losses as evidence of credit.


Im not sure if gallente gate still being built but if it is im making a fricking alt and geeting those goodies

It is still ongoing for now. Unknown deadline.

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