Contest for you to win 15 BILLION ISK!

In the world of EVE, the Gallentean are the kings of entertainment, mass producing everything from cheap flicks, to elaborate stage shows for an ever-hungry public!

The newest form of entertainment the Gallente Federation has waded into is Electronic Dance Music!

The Gallente’s chosen one, NuJ4X, is making a call to arms and offering 15 BILLION ISK for the 10,000th EVE citizen to retweet the chosen message of NuJ4X on the social force known as TWITTER.

If your wallet is looking for a boost and you want to be the greatest hero of the Gallente Federation alongside their chosen one, go to and retweet the pinned tweet! Number 10,000th will lay their hands upon a glorious 15 BILLION ISK!

The race has begun and said PINNED TWEET in question is already up to 530 retweets in only two days of talking to people in game! Retweet it as many times as you like over however long, but be the 10,000th retweeter and the ISK is YOURS!

Great initiative! But don’t you think 10,000 is a bit of a stretch? If you tried 1.5B isk for every 1000th retweet, that could get more people engaged.

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The Gallente Federation chose the magical number of 10,000 to give EVERYONE in New Eden a chance to learn about the contest and to let their mouth’s water over the 15 billion ISK!

The New Eden residents could get this task accomplished very quickly, if everyone citizen told their neighbor and proved just how powerful the reach of the Gallente Federation is!

Tell your corps, tell your friends, tell your neighbors and tell your landlords! The 15 billion isk is going to a New Eden citizen and it could be YOU!

Asking people to retweet for ISK means you are giving them in-game money for out of game action that involves advertisement and links to websites or services that you make real money from. Hence, you are advertising RMT here, no?

Not one human being on this planet from 0 followers to 5.9 million followers making a dime from retweeting. I read over the RMT rules and spoke with lots of people from EVE so this wouldn’t violate any rules.

I just want my tweet to get retweeted, and I wanted to give away 15 BILLION ISK to the 10,000th person that did it. Just because that would be cool and it would alert the EVE community to who I am and maybe a gaming site would pick it up and it would be a fun little cliffnote in gaming history.

And no, I don’t make ANY money from this. Not even a dime.

Of course this is RMT. You want people to retweet something that has absolutetely nothing to do with EVE and the tweet includes a link to your Youtube Channel, which also has nothing to do with EVE. You are trying to abuse this community forum to run an advertisement campaign.

I smell scam here. I don’t think this will achieve the 10k retweets, neither do I believe the ISK exists.

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My YouTube Channel isn’t monetized. I’m so far away from eligibility from that, its actually rather sad. YouTube changed their policies recently so that “the little guy” isn’t eligible for monetization.

So no RMT zlug, because there is literally no way I can get paid from folks retweeting.

Jace, you smell scam? I’ve got the ISK, no sweat. Go look at my Twitter, its already started. I’ve got 1,000 retweets already in just 3 days from announcing this IN GAME. :smiley:

Plus, I wouldn’t dare violate EVE’s rules because I’m not trying to get my account banned.

Well the goal here is obviously to promote your channel and other business you are involved with. I don’t think that this is wrong in general, hell yeah, tell people about the stuff you do. But don’t promise ISK for retweet because that certainly sounds like RMT. Nice idea though, I just hope that this won’t become the new normal on EVE forums.

Stop being the type of person everyone hates and go file a ticket. People like you just like to complain and never take action, if you truly dislike this idea then actually do something instead of flaming other people’s ideas. If this is actually RMT, then CCP will take action, but if this isn’t then whatever shrewd logic you’re going off of is wrong.

Edit: Also, giving in game money for out of game services is completely fine considering that the service section of marketplace has people selling things like teamspeak servers, artwork and spreadsheets for isk

I’m worried about your psyche mate. Telling people that you don’t know the slightest thing about that “everyone hates you” is a properly screwed up thing to do and whoever mistreated you as a kid or whatever horrible things you had to live through to become such a despicable kind of person, I’m sorry to hear it. Something is really, really wrong with you and I think deep down you know it.

OP does not offer an EVE-related service for ISK. He runs an advertisement campaign with players doing the work (re-tweeting) and he will cash-in on it, therefor getting paid real money for giving ISK to players, constituting RMT. It does not matter if the players pay him real money directly or he gets paid because of their actions, RMT is RMT. Selling out of game game-related services for ISK is a completely different thing, because there is no real money involved. It is already reported btw. If CCP decides that this rather smart RMT scheme cannot be allowed, they’ll stop it. Regarding your raging hatespeech, I assume you are in on it. :slight_smile:
If not, others will offer all kinds of similar deals. Any action that allows players to transform their in-game ISK into real life money is RMT. Simple as that. Accept it or not, but please do something about the rotten thing that is where your self should be.

I have checked the OP’s channel, and he is indeed only has 0.5% of the subs necessary for monetizing ads. Sure, it does appear that he is trying to advertise his YouTube channel but it is also possible that he coincidentally has a pinned tweet leading to his channel.

If you’ve already reported it, there should be no problem right? If CCP or ISD close this post, then you were right and that’s it. There’s no reason to attack his post, that’s just out of pure spite. Does it bother you that someone else is trying to make a name for themselves?

I personally 100% agree with this statement, but you’re being kind of mean. If it is that blatantly obvious, there’s really no need to attack his thread because others will be able to realize it too.

Again, wait for CCP to respond. If they take action, then you were right and that’s about it, but you don’t need to attack someone else’s thread

Ouch, that hurts. Again, maybe try being a bit nicer?

Ok, deal.


I don’t know about you, but I prefer to tell people in their face when I think something is wrong. You ask me not to speak up, when someone is doing an advertisement run on the forums; why? When will you speak up? What is next? What about Pepsi or Coke paying people to plaster Mobile Depots for an ad campaign in game?
And no, I did not attack his post, I just say what is wrong with it. You were the one who introduced foul language and personal attacks.

Yes, I personally hate it, when people abuse any and all social networks as their own personal advertisement platform. If people simply share their stuff, that’s cool. I don’t feel obliged to actually click on it, listen to it, watch it or whatever, but maybe I’ll do it, if it comes around as interesting. However, there are limits in regards to both quantity and quality of this kind of self-advertisement. I can’t define them for others, but for me offering money to people for retweeting their stuff certainly falls into the category of unwanted advertisement.
So yes, in that regard I do absolutetly mind people trying to make a name for themselves. There are literally tens of millions of bad wannabe “artists” (actually shallow imposters who think fame,money) in the world who try to keep the world hostage with their utterly uninteresting, completely shallow pieces of crap, in the hopes that if they jump often enough into enough peoples faces, that somehow they’ll cash in on that. It’s mostly sad, but also really annoying. If people have a passion for art, they’ll do it no matter what. They won’t bribe people into an ad campaign. Feel free to link whatever you like, but paying ISK to people to help you advertise your completely unrelated stuff and pretend it is a “in Game Event” is not respectful towards the community.

These are the EVE Online forums, not everyones darling product placement hangout. Clear?

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 I have many problems with a lot of things you have said here and how you’ve turned a thread that was supposed to be an alert for EVE players to compete and win ISK into a serious debate and a CCP ticket. 

I’m going to carefully address each thing and maybe you and I will have a better understanding.

RETWEET: Okay, the point of this is to help me out and reward an EVE player. By an EVE player retweeting my tweet, all it does is move my hashtags into the Twitter trending board for about six hours. I can’t make any money from the retweet, I can’t make any money from people watching the YouTube video, and I can’t even force them to watch the video!

You mentioned you wanted content by choice. You can choose to not watch the video, since you are there to press “retweet” and that’s it. Most people will push retweet, and move on because this isn’t watch my video and win 15 billion ISK.

Possibly if it was, then MAYBE it would be RMT because my video clearly states “Available on iTunes” and has a purchase link in the video description. However, I did not do that! I did not say go watch my video and 95% of people who will retweet the tweet WONT watch the video. I know, because I am literally watching the statistics in real time.

But, it will put me on the Twitter trending board and that means that other people in the world will click my profile, click my link, read my tweet. It will get attention and maybe they will watch the video, maybe they won’t. I have 5800+ views on my video right now, I should have about 10,000 or so but a little less than half, watched it for 3-5 seconds and said “nope” and turned it off.

Now, Pepsi or coke wouldn’t come here to get EVE players to do anything. The EVE player base is too small and they can influence 10x the size of the EVE active player base with a single tweet.

I am not trying to scam anyone. I am not trying to find a loophole to make money in real life. I am simply saying hey, I’ll give 15 BILLION ISK to the 10,000th retweeter. Maybe that’ll never happen, maybe the EVE community will laugh and be like this is stupid no way!

Or maybe they’ll be like hey, sure why not. From the almost 1200 retweets I’ve picked up in 3 days, some even look like freshly made Twitter accounts, some folks in EVE are supporting the idea and I haven’t made a single red cent.

So please try not to turn my call to action contest that I tied into actual game lore for the fun of it into something horrid and overly serious. I make music, I’m actually really good at it and I just want to be seen. I’m a member of this community as well and this is what I wanted to do with MY isk.

How will you guarantee the payout?

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Because failure to come through would be a PR nightmare that a musician on my low level cannot afford. Like, that would make me look like an idiot and a liar and that’s not a good look and negative crap like that would follow me anywhere I went.

Pku I have no doubt CCP would ban me, no thanks

And how will you keep track of the 10,000th retweet?

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Twitter will tell me on my alert prompt and statistics meter

Each day it keeps growing, feels like the EVE community is at least a little receptive! Its at 2000+ right now, w00t!

I can’t wait to see it at 10,000 and give an EVE player 15 billion isk! Its gonna be freaking amazing!

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